Slavery in horseradish scented tea

Ever kept anything in an old horseradish jar? Apparently if you don’t rinse it out properly and don’t do all the hocus-pocus necessary to get the scent out, the tea you put there even for half an hour does get a certain ring to it, a spiky after taste. Not adequate to be unpleasant, but not what you expect from lemon zest and black tea.

I have a lot to accomplish in the next few days. And a lot to learn from this month, too. For second month in a row I have completely run out of money before the last week and it is frustrating experience, because I can’t even pinpoint, where exactly I’m going wrong. I tried to keep eye on my expenses, but it turns out most of it is simply food! I don’t think I’m right now the person to come to campaign on how little the prices have changed over the year, because if I haven’t changed my diet and buy the usual stuff, then how come I’m out of money again? I don’t mean simply out, like something left somewhere, but completely flat broke! I’m trying to be frugal, but this is just annoying me and irritating my guts for I can’t find the problem. I haven’t even bought books since August!

Second big thing is that I have exam coming the day after tomorrow on topic of slavery from antiques to 19th century. I did go and listen half the lessons, but oddly this isn’t helping with the studies. Mostly because I have, like usually, left it on a very last point and that neither is working with my stomach. I’ve just been busy, like always. Knowing that after this exam I won’t have any more before the next autumn isn’t adding either, because the excitement of upcoming November is calling out now, thudding through my already weak heart. I added to the pain and put the calling card out on the sidebar to remind me the upcoming holiday of writers.

I feel like going creatively nuts. I’m trying to focus on studies, yet everything else is calling out for me, like I’ve hit a gold mine of creativity.

Which means I’ll keep this entry short and reroute myself into the horrific, yet utterly intriguing history of slavery. Then why can’t I get Dorian Gray out of my head? That was slavery too in it’s own strange way, wasn’t it? More horrific even, in its personal, humanly close to the skin kind of way, which is worse than being owned by someone else. Then at least you have someone to blame.

But seriously, horseradish jar and tea – those two don’t mix.


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