My first pysanka!

Yes, it might be the end of autumn, geese are already doing their mass departure and thus, as the old saying goes, frost won’t be far away. With the heat they do it, I’d say it won’t be at all long before we finally need to dig winter clothes out.

Still, after receiving a proper  stylus for birthday, I finally had nice white egg shells, which had dried for two weeks and thus had proved non-stinkers. I wanted to collect the eggs earlier, but oddly, all the white eggs that I lighted through showed they were really thin and cracked already before opening them. But the patch before last had nice thick shell! So i figured I’d give it a try.

I also did a lot of reading on the paints, because it just didn’t make sense that I would need some special paints to do it. The tiny information not included in many Internet pages simply fail to mention that you need colors that are used to dye wool or silk.

So here is my first result. I know it’s not quite in the mood of the up-coming holidays, except that perhaps in the middle of all the death, symbol of life might just be a good side jump, but I had two hours, wool paint (red, how adequate), beeswax I spent melting into junks and kistka! Well, the rest is self explanatory.

My goddess figure now has Sinatra hat 🙂 . I honestly don’t know why I put it there a week ago, but it sure suits her. Hehee, I have goddess with Sinatra hat :D.  That’s a keeper. In front of her is her offering bowl. It has worked out somehow that things keep gathering there from one sabbath to another.


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