Finger painting

I may not be a mother, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get inventive with kids :). Today’s project – finger painting!

I was watching over niece today and thought I’d try something different today. Pinterest is amazing place to get quick ideas and after an hour touring and many interesting ideas for the future, I found a simple recipe for finger paints. It simply asked to be made. For half a cup of cornstarch (which I didn’t have and replaced with potato starch), two cups of cold water and 2 teaspoons of salt. After boiling this mixture on low heat until the desired thickness is achieved, you divide it to portions, according to how many colors you have and add few drops of food coloring. As I don’t yet own them either, I added a teaspoonful of gouache paints – they have high pigment pro sent, thus they don’t get too light in the mixing.

At first I thought I ended up with too thick mixture, but sister thought it was thick enough, especially when our darling discovered that she could carry entire handful around the room, show it to mom and then come back and land it on the paper. Old posters definitely came in handy and also the old blanket cover, which covered nice good area. Also, old plastic rain coat, which saved probably most of her clothes, especially after she decided that 2D was boring enough and now it was time for 3D hands and feet.

All-n-all a good day and we’ll be definitely repeating it. Especially after sister said it was niece’s first time to paint with paints. 2,5 years old and so far no true mess with paints? We can cure that problem! Aunts to rescue!


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