Nettleweed is my dream home, sort of like a code name for my future home. After I finished off Facebook and with it my beloved Yoville forest home, I have missed it a lot. It doesn’t help that the more I look around for a house to buy the less I actually want to purchase one that has been built for somebody else. They always seem to miss things I consider important or underestimate the rooms.

About two weeks ago I discovered an online program called HomeStyler and my dreams got new fire under their wings. I remembered looking at all those storybook houses and historical architecture and wondering what would work and what would not. Well, why not plan the house according to my needs then? Something small, something I could hid away somewhere?

I began with cellar. Every house should have one. I know the modern housed go without, but if you think ahead of your future, then cellar is a must have.

I imagine it only covering half of the house, under kitchen and washing rooms. This for two reasons – one, I can build utility room there including waterboiler and electrical centre and two, if I go over the edge and make it under the entire house, it would suck the warmth out of the rooms. Houses with the cellar under the entire house are simply put cold. Next to it I have also planned a bit more practical item, which is untouched to the rest of the house, but essential for anyone, who tries to create more off the grid home – dry toilet compost box. It’s a very general idea, depending greatly of what sort of electrical and water system the house will have in the future, but I thought I should add it. Just in case, so I would have at least slightest idea where it should be. Keep in mind, these plans are just for fun and playing around with ideas.

This is the first floor plan. The directions go so – on your right is North, on your left is South, under is East and on top is West. From here it is obvious that it’s a cottage type home. I’m fond of storybook houses, like they are known, though I didn’t plan to quite go with the idea of it for something more permanent. What made me think it over again, was the fact that those houses had one thing which is very important to me – the fireplace is in the middle. I have situated it in the middle here, too, though it is there only to replace a more elaborated idea of northern architecture – a Finnish masonry heater. Unknown to South, but a very good heating solution for North. That’s why the kitchen looks so barren, too, because haf of it must be imagined right now.  From the kitchen goes a trap door to the cellar.

I also included sauna, without I can’t imagine any week-end and a big pantry and storage room. Root cellar is good, but there should be a nice dry place, where to keep things, too. As a less typical room I have included an altar room. Religion is important to me and I would like to think on it beforehand so I wouldn’t have to make amends with what I have later. Same is with the reading corners, sofas under the windows, where one can harvest the daylight as long as possible. I put extra care in such small corners, because I’m not planning to get a TV.  However, a good radio system is a must-have.

The second floor is planned to cover the storage areas and bedroom. Because it will be under the roof, I have planned it to be sort of a room for writing and crafts. It will have open planning so I can see from there what goes on downstairs. Kapp stands for endless bookcases and other shelves already built in the house. There can never be enough storage room in a small house, so I’m guessing this will be where I set most of my attention. There has to be place to work on whatever comes in my head in the morning – be it writing, some painting, craft work, birthday gifts…

Though right now I don’t even have enough to buy the land needed for a house, I don’t think it is the worst time to begin planning. I would like to have all the plans (including accurate, ready to build measured, confirmed by who-not) done and ready if I really do get the land.

Yeah, one can dream, can’t we? Odd is, the more I think of it and the plans, the more real it seems and perhaps not in far future I can write my first blog entry titled “This is where I will build my home!” with wonderful image of an empty piece of land. Until then – have fun with the program :).


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