Rural october day

Yesterday was very busy day. I was at home and we didn’t have work at family firm, so I suddenly had an entire day off. That hasn’t happened for long time. So I set the TV blazing on History Channel, and dig in housework. I know HC repeats their shows to no end, but if you only half-listen it aside your work, you kind of accept it. I don’t usually watch it though, except few that I really adore.

Still, it being a day that began well, I continued it well. I prepared two dinners – one for the evening and the other for tomorrow. Preparing dinners in the morning hours is a quirk of mine I rather love. It has nothing to do with being the perfect housewife, but planning your own time and in simple fact that I prefer doing less in the evening and more in the morning. Also, I had a cabbage that wouldn’t hold much longer, carrots, potatoes, which had to made in the next few days, which I know mom wouldn’t have time for, so unless I did it yesterday, they would just rotten away. Logically, I fixed them into something they can warm today. Yeah, that’s rural life for you.

Actually, I don’t like this sectioning of lifestyles. It’s like spending your brains out is considered normal way of living, yet if you are forced to think harder to survive cold winter, it’s called survival lifestyle. If you try to keep down your living costs, it’s frugal and if you live off your land, it’s rural. Why’s that? To make them sound more than they really are? The best part – you get to take lessons these days to learn how to live that life! I don’t mind much, there’s plenty new tricks I can add to what I already know. Yet it is still bothersome that to describe the way I live I need to use words that show me off stingy, while there is nothing about this life that is much different from anyone around.

Moving on.

Plants needed attending and I managed it just a nick of time. We keep some of the indoor plants outside for the summer, but last week-end we brought them all inside. You can’t bring them straight inside in zone 5, they wouldn’t survive the temperature shock. But they can’t sit in dark forever either, so instead I spent few hours cleaning and setting them up. Mom inspected them in the evening and said it turned out well, which was good, considering I checked with every other plant from the internet, what to do with it exactly. I really should set up some sort of diary, where to collect all the information on the plants we have in the house. This cute little activity also destroyed my tiny hands. They are the sort of plants that can go miles prickling you, but you can’t use gloves either or face getting stuck and still the skin gets prickled.

Then it was the time for cellar. We have huge cheese cellar. It isn’t used as one anymore, but I just adore that little fact. Cheese cellars are different from basements and root cellars by having much better stable temperature inside, keeping it on one temperature throughout the year, which makes it perfect for storing cheeses and other milk products. I would love to once see it fully restored and again in full power, but I fear that won’t be its faith. We still use it though, that is, I shall use it further if brother does something about the shelves there, because the rescue action I was forced to take up yesterday duo some rotten through plates, was not what I wanted to continue my day with! We have talked and talked about this, but the men-folk in the house still hold the illusion that their little projects MUST come before this urgent matter. I would say the shelves come first and then anything else they had in mind! Probably another reason to why I’m so obsessed with planning proper pantries and storages for my future-hopefully-one-day house. However, the rescue attempt was successful and instead of 20 broken bottles and canned goods all crashed in one soggy sweet-sour soup tinted with glass, I still have 20 well preserved bottles for the winter. But this didn’t make me less brittle about taunting my brother with unless they take it to their priority, I’d make sure men would be the ones cleaning the soup up, should this happen again. I can’t go and buy wood for the shelves or bring it home – they can.

My adrenaline fix achieved for the day, I made my way back to kitchen and began sorting through another urgent matter – quinces. I had picked them from the bushes last week, but had no time to deal with them then. I ended up with two cans of chopped quince in sugar, which we love throughout the winter and the rest I gave a quick boil before adding sugar and finished with half a liter of thick syrup and several bags in deep freeze of material I can use for cakes in winter.

All this done, it was time to fix the dinner again. So entire wheel of the day! Concluded with enough time to play with the dogs and tire them so out they turned in early and slept throughout the night without waking me in early morning.

Yeah, I like such days – things get done and you have not tired yourself to the point you wouldn’t even want to move, but get to relax an hour before digging into bed and falling in a dreamless sleep.


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