Witches’ compass

 I don’t remember what made me think about instincts today. Every time something isn’t right, I get sick in my stomach. Over the years I’ve learned to understand it and the more I trust it, the more information I get through it. I bet it was the moment, when I realized that my gut feeling told me plainly again that the product of the behind is hitting the fan again.

Why trust something so feral?

I’d say the answer is in the question – we should trust it, because it is one of those rudiments that come from times we weren’t so self-regulated. Times, when we had to put our trust in feelings and sense more than we do today.

I know witches often have stronger instincts than others. When I talked with my Christian friends about it, I was suggested to not to trust instincts and ask God’s guidance instead. Problem with that is I believe the sick stomach in most common situation before it turns sour is God’s way to warn us. It’s still hard to explain devoted Christian that their explanation comes off like a joke:

Man gets in a boat accident and is passed by several, who offer help, but man refuses each and one of them, saying that God will help him out. In the end he drowns and goes to heaven. He asks God, why didn’t he save him and he replies “What do you think the passing boat, helicopter and lifeguard were?”

Instincts are those helicopters and lifeguards that pass us while we drown on our daily problems and guide us to the right track. It’s accepting the knowledge given to us without constantly questioning it’s origin. I don’t think our brain is the best teacher here, because this is the part of brain in action we can’t control. It’s the part that reads and interpreters information from surroundings that we otherwise would miss. Like dog, who can smell the entire medical chart simply by sniffing the excrements of another dog.

I think it is important to trust your instincts and follow them if you are walking on path like ours. I didn’t want to go to work after fire drill exercise one day. I just simply didn’t, because I felt it won’t end well. It didn’t. There was serious fire in one flat and I spent the entire day dressed like a birch tar princess.

On the other time I didn’t want to call grandmother, yet I got very anxious, when I thought of her. Day later mom called me that she was taken to hospital with serious heart condition.

I tend to know when women are pregnant. Go figure. Sometimes it shows in their face, sometimes on images. I asked once to congratulate a friend we both knew for having a child. My friend stared at me for a while and said her friend just came back from Russia and told her she was second month pregnant only days ago. I have no way to explain this, because I remembered her on a FB account with big belly, which, as it turned out was impossible as she didn’t have such picture up. Yet I thought months before that she was already so far to give birth.

To those, who are yet to begin to trust their instincts more – let them go wild and send you the information. Unless you have medical paranoia of any kind, they are surprisingly trustworthy friends. I don’t think there’s a question if one should put more trust in brain and common sense or instinctive sensing – I believe if you learn to understand them, they are equally good partners. You just have to learn to trust them and unfortunately there is no teacher for this part of our training. But you must trust them. You can’t walk the path without trusting yourself and knowing yourself through and through.

Perfect love and perfect trust – that’s how you enter your circle and that’s how you will leave. For witch, following their instincts is just as essential as is to know how to meditate, even more so if you are solitary witch. It’s the witches’ compass that keeps you on track and tells you if something didn’t work, went wrong or in worst cases, will come back to hunt you.



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2 responses to “Witches’ compass

  1. I love instincts, they are brilliant. Especially when driving, funnily enough! Oh and I must remember that story of the man in the boat accident, great way of putting things in perspective to people : )

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