Bucket of rock salt

I saw a bucket of salt in my dream few days ago. Just a passing fancy, I thought, remembering in the morning how I picked up a wooden bucket filled with rock salt and carried it down in my friend’s Beetle and landed it in there with the rest of my stuff. It was fantasy mixed dream, that much I gathered from the beehive-like house we lived in and from the fact that everybody were apprentices to one pagan religion or another and we were all dressed sort of fairy-like. It was during the Blue Moon, now that I think of it.

Well, was what it was, but this bucket of rock salt hasn’t left my mind. It looked old, to start with, as if it had sat there since I first moved in and I remember knowing that it was compulsory for all the students to have one of such buckets or bowl. It was filled 2/3 and mine looked like a amethyst cluster with phosphate ring around it. We had drowned all our potions in there that we had made, but had lost their purpose and thus had to be sort of neutralized. Salt neutralizes and cleans the energies – so we used it exactly for this purpose and it seemed to work. Mine had begun growing extra salt crystals and they glistered in the sun while we went.

This got me thinking. I know we don’t do many potions anymore, they do take time to prepare, but this bucket idea has some merit. Especially if you’re someone like me, who travels a lot, but in reality doesn’t get much off track to get rid of all the spells that have either lost their effect or need to be neutralized. I know it doesn’t help those, who need to hide their path, but I think it’s something to consider, don’t you?

All you need is a bucket (all the dishes I saw used for this purpose were made of natural materials – crystal, wood, stone) and some rock salt. You lay down the first layer under it all, so the spell doesn’t go through the bottom and then you add bit by bit as you gather them in it, sprinkling them over with salt. When it got to the 2/3 level, I simply kept burying things in it without adding more salt. Once a year one can rid themselves of it… somehow? I haven’t quite understood that part, because in my dream I simply took it with me. At some point I even thought that it was because I didn’t either want to let those spells out of my site or because they were the ones that others would usually set inside earth. Because, us living in schoolhouse, we couldn’t just go around and burry things in earth, but it being magic school, there were many, who needed to bury their “homework”.

I can’t remember much else besides some silly laughter and sun, but this bucket of salt stuck and I think it is worth a try in the future.



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