From Blue Moon till Blue Moon

With this year’s Blue Moon just week away, I started thinking. Next year it will fall on a very special day, as special as birthdays can be, so a little plan formed in my head. Wouldn’t it be cool to make my Year and a Day beginning on the Blue Moon and end it with Blue Moon? I did begin it last year, but it simply died out…

So I went online again. As much as I enjoy Timothy Roderick’s book, I did mention before that there are few things that I planned to do differently. The Sabbaths to begin with. I prefer celebrating them when they occur in the year. Also, the questions about how you feel about the sun, the moon, words… Some parts are too fractured, some things in wrong time, thus don’t give the feeling one might hope… Casting the circle, introducing the tools is scattered to 50 days! From the moment it begins introducing to actual ceremony – too long time. It could be set in one week or two without anyone feeling it’s too much information. If it was timed two weeks before the next Black Moon, one could nicely set the entire upcoming month trying it in practice with Moon phases, beginning with items you have at home and continue over time with especially dedicated items.

Feeling that though a nice program, this isn’t for me and as I still don’t have 300 dollars to join Flora’s, which I would actually seriously consider, because I prefer her down to earth practical ways, I went to net to search any other program.  Big was my surprise when I entered “year and a day program” and sixth search was my own blog…

Thank you, I’m flattered :).

Which reminds me – why isn’t there anything specific about Blue Moon in beginners books? I spent entire Wendsday searching them through and didn’t find anything more than mentionings. There’s pleanty in internet, but nothing in the books.



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  1. You’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award! Congrats! Check out the details here:

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