What’s On My To-Read list?

I could do it really short and say – school books. In longer version – anything but school books.

 When I’m working on something, I tend to read a lot of scientific books how and why things work. It is important to me that if I give out the final work, it should be polished and shine. I’m far from perfectionism, but I very much enjoy fully thought through books, even if it’s mindless action.

 I am right now reading Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer’s Daughter by Melissa G Moore and M Bridget Cook. It is – as it says in the name – a book about daughter of a serial killer. When I started researching my story, I knew there were stories out there that would seem too similar to mine if I didn’t pick them up and read them through first. This was one of them, but I didn’t get to it before now. I don’t read many biographies unless it is related with historical people or someone, who has already passed away.

 Bullies, Bastards and Bitches: How to Write the Bad Guys of Fiction by Jessica Page Morrell is sitting on my shelf only inches away from grabbing distance so I would do some school work, too. Though the book itself looked slightly simple, when human character is involved, I still love it.

 I bought this book, because I wanted to study phenomena in modern literature that started bothering me some time ago. If you read Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky books – bad characters are bad. They perform their criminal acts with reasons that give no doubt – they are bad. But if you take modern genre literature, then often it seems that bad characters are simply good guys fallen from grace. Which itself isn’t far from the truth, but the load of excuses writers use to justify their actions is overwhelming. The worst cases I’ve put the book down, because I sense that the writer is afraid to show criminal as they are – bad. So I wanted to know what is causing this. Fear to show character one-sided? Fear to explore the darker fields of humanity?

 All the Men, All the Women by Herbert Lockyer is a book about men and women mentioned in Bible. I find it very ignorant if someone non-religious person says Bible should be left in the past, where it belongs. For European, Bible, we like it or not is the bases of our cultures and this includes literature. Most character types, plots or humane characters all come from it.

 You might not find count Dracula between those pages, but Judas Iscariot is often related with him and it is ridiculous to hear a teenager snorting in the middle of university movie night “Why do they mess up stories with religion!?”. You can imagine class full of educated students and lecturers’ faces to such question. She was quickly forgiven though – teenager after all.

 Moral Panics and the British Media, an article by By Ian Marsh and Gaynor Melville is an interesting article in Internet Journal of Criminology about media as crucial element in creating nation spread panic based on moral differences. This is for the book I’m working on.

 Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Macro Level: Groups, Communities, and Organizations by Katherine van Wormer, Fred Besthorn and Thomas Keefe (Jan 16, 2007). This one also relates with the book I’m working on. I have slightly older version of it from the library (Gates of Heaven!), but it will give me the over-all idea of how groups work-react in different situations. Before I began researching, I would have never even dreamed how deep and complicated groups can be! In general, yes, but how it is related to the size of the group on how they work out as a team, how leaders react and work – it was different than I expected.

 I know it drives me crazy when I have too much research and not a bit fun. So I’m rediscovering my old favorites, especially Diana Palmer. She has big collection of works and I enjoy reading her books from different decades. It gives interesting view on how her romances have changed over the years and especially her use of words and trends. Everything can help with the research.



Today’s post is my response to the prompt on What’s On My To-Read list?, this month’s topic for the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour. Throughout the month, you can get to know twenty (or so) other writers from various genres and backgrounds and at various places in their careers.


Next stop on the tour is B.C. Matthews on August 21st, 2012.




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