Bible study with buddhism and philosophy

I have kept away from here, because there’s been a lot that’s happening right now and the more that goes around, the less I feel like talking.

I went to bible discussion yesterday. Or was it the day before… Doesn’t matter. What I met there, caught me slightly off guard. You know that I have gone around as pagan for long time. So I read a lot. This time I felt that I would like to do some bible studies again, because half of me is still Christian, though not baptized.

Little introduction done, I’ll get to the point. I know that to Christian, Bible is the ultimate source of knowledge. I don’t mind that, Bible has its positive side that I like too. But on that day we had a guest, who was obviously a Buddhist in heart. Another guest dealt with physics. I have seen blindness to things around you, but that caught me off-guard.

There is one man, who is deeply Christian and I watched, amazed how he did everything to trash the other men’s beliefs. The Buddhist talked about most elementary philosophy and Christian opposed it and let him explain it again and again without getting the point. Beginners philosophy! How can a man, whose most of the holy book is theoretical, be so uneducated in philosophy? Platon, anyone? Socrates? The concept of item, though, understanding, comprehension…

Then the Buddhist brought out the topic of family. That Christ has said that he will torn apart families. And the Christian kept hatching that this just wasn’t true! That Christ has never said anything like that! I just sat there and let him have it. I think others did too. Because to his misfortune he has said it and has said it several times. Things like he doesn’t want them to burry their dead before denouncing them or that he will tear apart families.

THE BEST pearl of the night didn’t actually come from him, but from another and it was that Quran doesn’t even have word “love” in it. That demanded confrontation. It is nice if you know your holy book, but if you want to use it as your ultimate weapon, you better learn your opposition. I didn’t develop the issue much further though, because for that I would need Quran and not Estonian translation. Estonian translation, as I’ve said before, is seriously badly performed compared with English, so I simply pointed that out and let that be end of it. He seemed ok with the answer.

I am conflicted about religions right now. Mostly for what is true to me and what others perceive as truth. Half of me is Christian by the heart, half of me is through and through pagan. That’s how both my great grandmothers were and that conflict is seriously weird. I can’t find any better word for it. One thing I am sure though – one religion is not better than another. They are too similar in their hearts, just the outside shell is how the surroundings created them.



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