Something in the Baltic Sea

Sonar scans show that ‘UFO’ at bottom of Baltic sea may actually be a top-secret Nazi deathtrap lost since World War II was the article I read today and the more I set my eyes on anything trying to explain that strange item at the bottom of the sea, the more I feel like laughing my brains out.
I am intrigued, honestly – it is very interesting item and I can’t wait for them to find out what exactly it is.
But then I read the comments and I feel it should forever stay a secret, because it is amazing to read what people believe in.
Comments like these:
  • “Didnt the russians get their technology from the Aliens?” – Toya, Texas, US

  • ” Please be a UFO!” – Rob, England

  • “It’s just a big sculpture of an elephant with a parcel on its back…” – Johnny Repman, Hassi Mesrollmops, Algeria

  • “This is the wreck of a russian circular yacht . circular navy ships were comon in this area.” – Sid, caithness

  • “Is it worth considering that it could be the top of an ancient undersea volcano?” – Andrewtp21, Perth, Australia

  • “A clue should be in its location, the Baltic Sea. It is probably something the Germans were working on during WWII.” – David, Thailand, Chonburi

These are just some of the juiciest, but I gotta say – I am impressed!

First, russians didn’t get anything from the aliens, perhaps few meteorite craters if anything. Secondly, I do wish it to be something interesting, like UFO, but whatever it is, it is not natural duo the shape of it. Love the elephant statue idea. Russian circular ship actually sounds most likely out of all the choices I’ve been seeing.

But I just adore Andrewtp21! A volcano! Wow!
Too bad we’re in the middle of one of the most seismographicly stable plato. 
And David from Thailand – Baltic Sea is NOT synonym of Soviet or German “meddling around”.



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