Clay soap

Yesterday was the first day to use my own homemade soap. It worked out! With all the fears at the beginning after reading the mistakes I’d made, I’d say it worked out pretty nicely. It is soft, but it didn’t melt away with one wash and it is neat and with no unpleasant odors. It is still nicely green and it didn’t feel wrong to touch. So I would call this project a success!

Things to remember from it – I liked infusing oils and I shall remember it for the future use.

With delightful grace it added to my bouncing around, I decided to use up all the rest of the oils-fats I had ordered this time and mixed up a second patch. Aim – much stronger soap and try to avoid the mistakes. Secondary aim- get those fats off the shelf, because with the heat inside and outside, they go bad considerably fast.


The recipe came out this (for 550g of fats):


27g Castor Oil

304g Coconut Oil

206g Palm Oil

13g Rapeseed Oil

84,68g  5% lye (Sodium Hydroxide)

181g water

3 spoonfuls of different clays ration 1:2


Yields about 810g of soap



I have these weird percentages, because my main purpose was to use the fats up. I can always purchase more later, but with the heated summer ahead of us, I would rather not have them around.


It was way more interesting this time. I made sure I kept eye on the temperature and got it in the right range. When I mixed lye, I took it to the end of the house like last time. I had taken only two steps, when I already heard it sizzle in the container. I only take measured amount with me, but it is just so humid it reacts with air! I quickened the process and got back inside. Then I warmed the oils and mixed in the lye. If last time it took me more than half an hour good whipping to get the trace, then this time it was only ten minutes. Had to do at least something right :).

Also, it kept the heat in the mold far longer than the previous patch and it hardened up by morning, which also didn’t happen last time. So I hope it makes good soap.


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