From cake to rubber ball

Balance in life is like climbing up the Christmas tree with nothing more than your bathing suit on. It is wonderful to go up, but it’s hell to come back down.

I might be young, but there is one lesson in the course called “Balance” that I have already obtained – plans work out only if there is enough sleep. Being one of the folk, who sings with the owls, I consider myself lucky for the extra few hours that I get in the night to work on the stories, but I have also realized how important it is to know yourself so the rest of the world can play with you too.

When I began my life with two jobs, family, school and pets, I felt like being the one up on that tree not my sister, everything pricking through my sensitive skin and all I could do was to scream as loud as I could possibly manage. I was literally living on a schedule where I had even planned my sleeping pattern down to minutes. It was hell.

Now I’m still working in two places, share half of the responsibilities in the household, I’m near the end of my second year in the University and I have one extra dog. Plus I have not lost interest in writing.

There are always those nice cake charts on the net that show you how many different things you should fit in your life in order to have balances, harmonious life. Have you ever thought how unperfected that is? Cake is, well, for eating. If we take time and chew ourselves through one of the sectors, we discover that the second sector is still untouched and we dig in that one while still running to the other end of the cake to finish up with the first one…

How about we take our life balance as a huge rubber ball? The one that children use to play baseball. You are in that ball and all your life, everything related to it, is in that ball, too. So you are the centre point of it and everything floats around, moving closer and further away as they bounce back from the rubber wall that’s the surface of our reality. All you need to do is deal with whatever of this comes to you in order that they arrive – sometimes it’s horrific mess, the other times it’s nothing in weeks.

All this can be achievable if you give your brain time to rest – the biggest tool for my writing. When it was so hectic I couldn’t get any sleep for 3 days in a row on regular bases, my imagination grew itself wings and took vacation without me. That pretty quickly taught me that if I want imagination to stay with me and take vacations with me, I need to plan my life so that sleep came first and everything else second. Take it as the middle rod where you chain the swing to. If you want to swing –write- well, you need to balance yourself according to the situation, pumping the swing to the direction you need. Best if you have friends to help.

Writing is the same to me. You can’t expect that after first push it will swing forever the same way. Sometimes you need to take the speed down, other times you want to try different type of swinging, but one thing is sure – you need to keep pushing so one day you can become professional, who will challenge the next kiiking world record and touch the edges of your rubber ball, adding what you encountered to your writing.

 * * *

Today’s post is my response to the promt on Balance, this month’s topic for the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour. Throughout the month, you can get to know twenty (or so) other writers from various genres and backgrounds and at various places in their careers.

Next stop on the tour is B.C. Matthews on June 21st, 2012.



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  1. lynn w. proctor

    nice post!

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