All that’s left is an unhappy ending

Today is strange day. I woke up before alarm clock and filled with such sadness. There are just so many going away this week and I’ve been working some time every day except one and watched how the leave and leave…

I’m happy they get to go home again, but all this endless farewells… They do get to your soul. Especially if there are many among them, who are actually your friends. This year it is especially hard, because this year there is many going, who have been here for several years and who I’ve come to know better. They promise they’ll write, but you know those promises. I know them and I would prefer if they didn’t make those promises, because they only hurt. No one of them actually keep their promises – no cards, no letters. They don’t do it, because when they are still in busses, trains, plains, they still have time to think about these kind of things, but when they arrive, they have no time anymore. I have never been outside Estonia to study, but I’ve seen this happen too many times to hope there are any exceptions to this rule.

This the part of my job that actually sucks. Too many good-byes in too short time and no time to cope with it. I promise each year I won’t do it, I won’t get so involved, but reality is this is just one promise I can’t keep.


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