Superb friend, fantastic food and good movie

Northern fairy tales spiced with Indian food – that’s how I’d take together our evening last night. We decided to have a movie evening yesterday with a good friend and some dinner afterwards, because neither of us had eaten anything since morning.

First – the movie. Snow White and the Huntsman. I am glad I waited and went to see it with her! I am no fan of Kristen Stewart, but there she did quite a mighty role and for the first time she actually looked pretty. Not that she isn’t, but let’s just say she isn’t quite to my taste.

The nature shown in the movie however is and in that part they have done magnificent work. If you were an artist and would have gone seen this, you would have a lot to take in. The entire forest, the castles, village, costumes… Wow. For this alone I would give nine out of ten. The last point is lost for scaring my friend. Actually, they should win points from there – it really was amazing show. I am glad that I took time and went to see it on big screen, because already the hairy pixies were breathtaking in their close up and when it came to those wonderfully detail glad clothes I felt like dancing for not having to see it from TV. The moss-glad animals were a big hit. I kept thinking if they actually took the time and glued the moss on real animals, because the way they moved seemed so natural.

The movie itself is way darker than one would expect. I adore horror genre and a good cold north fairy tale can make me squeal with joy, but in parts it was too chilling even for me. Already for this I will see the movie again.

Here is a nice example of one of the creatures from the forest.

P.S. This troll did not die! See? You don’t have to kill every odd looking creature you come across! BIG plus and thumbs up. Fairy tale movie where you didn’t kill the ogre!

Then we went in Asian Chef and talked for hours! I have never had proper Indian food before, so I we went by her suggestions, because, well, she is Indian! And that makes her the best expert I have in my hand.

The place itself was impressive and very cozy. The corner we chose had these enormous super soft blue furniture and we felt like melting when we finally sat down there. It was nicely separated from the rest of the room and though we had a big birthday party only meters from us it didn’t really interfere in our conversation. The service girl was very sweet too, though visibly new. We left her tip she really earned after putting up with us nearly 4 hours. 🙂

We ordered Samosa, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Spinach Paneer, Mango Lassi and finished this all with Strawberry-Banana-Ice cream cocktail.

Samosa was like Kinder surprise! It’s filled with potatoes, onions, peas and lentils – you would NOT expect it to be as spicy as it was. Thank heavens I had her with me to suggest it with Mango Lassi, I would have died had I ordered juice like I first planned. The sweet chilly sauce made it much better and in the end I think I liked samosa in the end. I wouldn’t mind using the same trick and shocking my guests with it right at the beginning of the meal either if I’d ever take them to there. Which I probably will do, because though pricy, the place is worth the money.

I will definitely remember that saving lassi – the smooth taste of the mango in it was superb. So if I see a good ripe mango, I’ll be introducing this to sister, too. She loves mango.

Having been scared off with Samosa, I could only hope the Chicken Tikka would be more to my taste buds. It came served on a hot pan, so it kept warm throughout the time I ate it. She didn’t touch the chicken, being vegetarian, but she helped herself with the rice, tandoor bread and paneer. In the end we took the ice cream cocktails and kept talking until quite late in the evening. Then another party arrived, with owner of the place and some of my friend’s friends, so I was introduced to them.

Altogether it was one seriously cool evening with fantastic food, superb friend and a good movie. Worth repeating at any time :).


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