1.  make rhubarb juice. Looking at our flowerbed it will take entire day.
  2. spend some quality time with Madli
  3. clean the house
  4. edit 10 pages
  5. finish the bracelets
  6. collect nettle
  7. get the phone finally fixed with all the needed apps
  8. write 5 pages minimum

No, I have nothing important planned for my day off. Nothing worth life or death.

But this gives you no right to jump on me that you have better reasons than me to get the day off! This was my first day in two weeks that I’ve had off and I had planned to catch on with my duties. Now I need to push them in the future and hope that i will be in time.

He was just the last drop I guess, because the reality is – everybody are doing this. When I needed to clean the place up, sis had to come wash some clothes, which meant I was interupted by her and kid too much of my day. The next days I planned to study – guess who was constantly coming in and out and after explaining their reasons, simply stated “but you aren’t studying right now anyway, so…”.

So what?

  • “You’re not doing anything important with that day anyway…”
  • “but you’re not busy right now…”
  • “but you aren’t writing anyway…”
  • “Come on- you can give me few hours to…”

Just which of those sentenses in the past week should I accept as excuse to dash your duties on me? Just because my life isn’t constantly throtting between life and death situations, doesn’t mean I’m a way to get extra free time for yourself! Right now I’ve been working 2 weeks in a row, waking up 7 in the morning no matter what day it is and finished at midnight! And it’s not like I just sit and do nothing. I’m one of those weirdos, who don’t get bored. Ever. Tried it once, to sit and wait until I get bored – doesn’t work with me.

But right now it is getting overwhelming. I had plans made. I try keeping my family informed on what I’m doing or have planned so I could get less interupted when I’m in the middle of something. Doesn’t work. I try keep friends informed – isn’t working.

So what am I to do? Becaume this always-free-for-you-to-use kind of person? And then they come and start tantrums over me doing nothing to get my life going kind of things! Doing nothing that would actually bring in big buck. And as if that isn’t enough, they find it to be another good reason to interupt my work.

I know this post is filled with anger and that’s just how I feel today – constantly angry. Angry at myself that I again gave in and came to work to replace another co-worker, who had “bigger than yours” reason to “suddenly” get a free day. I know he had a good reason and I’m happy for him. It’s just the way he placed the question – “It’s not like you have plans made…”.


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