Baking – my meditation

Depression came and went like it tends to do in my case. But I did cut my school days short this week-end, because of an incident that nearly pushed me over the edge and I was ready to be asked to be reassigned to any house that was six miles from my current place. But when I drove home, saw the mess there, cleaned it all up (because we were expecting guests in the evening) I was feeling quite good already. Can’t be angry while baking, so I had to calm down anyway. It’s weird – I can’t calm myself enough to deal with my emotions, but when I know I need to bake something, I can perfectly cool my emotions to the point of bliss. Because the emotions go into your cake and from there float to everything else.

Then dad and brother went to see grandparents, and my mom was already there too, so I got the entire house for my own. Except the dogs, of course, but I played with both of them for a good time, so in the end both of them were happy. I had still time to put my feet up and watch some movies before going to sleep. Well, Sunday went quite typically, too – working.

Oh, did one more thing. I closed down my second FB account too. So now I’m FB free. No backup options, no sleeping accounts – deleted for good. Which means I now have plenty of time free to do other stuff. I will miss the cottage there. I still have pictures of it and I am going to use it as a reference to what I eventually want to own in real life, but I want it for real, not there.

My new phone. Amazing thing! I seriously love it! I have finally got it in working order and it is perfect. At first I wanted to have Go style there, too, like I had in previous phone, but after I downloaded it, I realized that, um, what I wanted from Go styles, it is already in the phone. All the options are there and even if there are one or two things missing, I don’t really miss it that much. So I deleted it again. But as far as programs are concerned – they are perfect, working well and co-operating with my other systems. Can’t remember a phone that had so few problems as this one has had to be honest.

Now I’m back to work and already got a “welcoming” session with too few information given on. Oh well, joys of the first day. But at least I don’t feel that depression anymore.


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