How badly article can stir you up

I realized suddenly that I don’t want to move to town. That I do want to make our home livable, get rid of the dirt and make it as sustainable through harsh winter as I possibly can. Why? The darn news again that gives me gibbers! Article in Daily Mail talking of global cooling again.

I read this article and realized that if I think of history, the most frightening time thatI know there is the Small Ice Age that lasted 200 years, caused half of the population in north to die and the rest hardly survived it. I am scared of it. So, while still reading, I realized I was again making the list of things I should do this year to get as much food stored as possible. I know my fears have increased tremendously thanks to the fact that every tree that could provide any support in food sense has been removed from our property and this is making me very uneasy person to live with. I want them back. Now! They were my security – at least I could depend on them to prepare sweet compotes for the winter and different salads and all… Now I have nothing but rhubarb, currants and gooseberries that have been sick every single year and give barely what they could give. And then reading something like that from the news is seriously unnerving.

Stuff that popped in my head immediately:

1. Pay back any loan that I have. The worst thing I can imagine is to own anything to bank.

2. Get the upper floor empty from all the paper and trash. It is not needed there. It is dangerous. It is irritating.

3. Get the recipes vital to sustain life as I know it written in the notebook. Not in internet, but in a notebook. The basic stuff- house chemicals, bug repellents, marinates, syrups, remedies, fermenting…

4. Buy aloe and get it growing in the kitchen. Seriously. I am constantly missing it.

5. Learn to knit mittens and socks. I like doing lacey stuff and embroidery, time to get back to the basics that I have managed to skip so far. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to learn to make slippers.

6. Get proper overview of stocks we have. Hate finding out that we are out of rice or any other meal. This should also consider chemicals and essential oils.

7. Teach Madli and Pontsu-Ontsu to be silent on command. Now that’s a challenge.

8. Get mushrooms this year and other forest fancies. Last year I got 2 half a liters of presentable mushrooms and minced for 6 meals. That is hardly enough. This year I will try better. Same goes with other not-sweet products and stuff I can collect from the forest. The thing for example, that if you smoked, mosquitoes hated being near it.

9. Make enough hanks of birch (viht) to last for entire winter, at least one per month.

10. Make enough wood for winter. I’m guessing we need half a bit more than we bought this year to last until next season. But this year we had low temperature for considerably longer than the year before. That’s why we’re out faster. Still, this mistake can be fixed.

11. Use rhubarb as much as possible for juice. Last year I missed the season, but I think we can’t afford it this year.

12. Learn to use wine yeast. I think it would be better choice for mead and our wine than the usual yeast we’ve used so far.

13. Make the protective bags for my favorite tarots and get that part of my life organized, including small altar somewhere to get my peace with the spirit world.

What a year it is going to be and we’re already in May!


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