Huge rent and new level in body building

I was knocking on an apartment door. To get there I had to go up few steps and few meters inside the corridor’s first floor. It was big and dark brown. The corridor itself was ugly, paint rolling off the walls and tiles free from the floor. A girl came to reply. I couldn’t say, but I think the plan of this apartment looked similar to my grandparent’s house. Only it was very dark, the walls were painted dark browns and the rooms looked small, almost tiny, where you could hide max 2 beds. There were at least six youth walking around, some messing with the stove in the kitchen. It felt warmer from that door.

I said I came on advert in newspaper. The girl, who let me in, quickly disappeared. Another girl appeared, not much older than her, scruffy blond hair ponytailed on her back, wearing some weird-looking jumper. She was drying hands.

I repeated why I was there so she quickly gave me the tour, out of which I don’t remember much. I asked how much would the rent be and she casually replied 1700 euros. I choked on that number – was she serious? Wanting to stay polite I still searched a notebook from my handbag and reached it to her, asking to write down the owner’s name and phone number. She did, but then scratched the number down. She didn’t ask me to wait, but disappeared in the back room, asking for someone else. Probably to verify the number. I wanted to say something, I think, and followed her in the back room. But from the door I could already see that she had gone through the door on the left end and there were two beds with people sleeping, so I pulled back in the corridor.

She wasn’t coming back, taking her time. Instead of worrying I flipped open some old National Geographic. In it was an article that caught my attention. I first saw images. One was showing five-six men, obvious body builders, sitting behind a circle plastic table and all demonstrating their right arms. I didn’t put much attention to it, but I felt that it looked as if they had half of their muscle cut off! I turned my attention to next image, wondering what kind of horrible accident they must have survived for such mark. On that they were all standing on stage in different poses and still showing the arms. I grasped the paper closer and looked close. The muscle was cut off! And on there they had shred by shred built an image! There were ships, country scene, symbols… even naked lady on a sofa!

I tossed the newspaper closed and pulled up behind the table. It was so ugly new step forward from simple body building as creating the ultimate canvas.

The girl came back and handed me back my notebook and pen. I thanked her and left the building, waking up right when I closed the door behind me.


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