Yoville Nettle Cross III


When I first saw this, my immediate thought was – Victorian era garden houses! Love them so much. They are unpractical, but so cute with their white fences and terrace…

The front yard of it is like image from a fantasy picture book, where a rich citizen would live. Just imagine – not a fountain, but a real rock based waterfall! Of course there is the little fire pitcher, too. There has to be one. Always.

The living room is traditionally light. I would guess it should be, considering the small size of the house. I do wish they would plan in also the small corners that cut in the main plan, but it’s just a game.

The bathroom next to the living room. It’s tiny, but I figured it doesn’t have to be full of light, but instead have this masculine line on it. For long time the bathroom here used to be bitch black and golden. Now it has a bit Hawaiian inspiration to it.

The heart of any house is the kitchen. I kept it red like I first made it. Though without the so-loved red fridge, because that would’ve been too much. Red fridge is an accent, not another filler, so it’s not here. But I added here bread stand instead.

The grey bedroom. One would think this would be awful choice for bedroom, but it’s surprisingly soothing by the tone. Add few details for color and hearth for warmth and you’ve got one fancy girly bedroom. If you don’t think so, the bed will spike you through. Gotta love the Halloween furniture! It’s got such spirit!

The backyard of any proper Victorian middle class house is, of course, full of blossoms and is as wild as the owner so the pictures can seem like paradise on earth! And no, I’m not kidding. Type in “victorian garden” in google and you get just as enchanting paradises, though probably more organized.

Back garden, the secret garden that you could disappear on Midsummer’s Eve, listen the water in fountain, watch birds fly, perhaps listen a small concert and at the same time enjoy few drinks.


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