Yoville Nettle Cross II


Cherry Nettle started off as Japanese Courtside House. I fell in love with the house, because it’s Japanese. To me the traditional temple-like Japanese houses is like heaven on earth.

The entrance. Must have fire by the entrance. Clears the air and energies.

The inner courtyard with cherry tree.

 The living room should always be place of peace, so it is with this one, too. Lots of flouing water and plants and view to zen garden. Also possibility to taste good tea and play Go.

 The most modern kitchen I have in the houses. I’ve never been keen on those aluminium rust-free metal places that are so sterile you could eat on from the floor. But this one I liked and so I arranged it to be airy and full of green life.

I wanted the first floor guest room to be as gentle as possible. Plus I liked the bed colors a lot.

The first floor bathroom! Who hasn’t imagined having ofuro at home? I know I have. I can totally see Japanese love for minimal space.

Inspired by their sand gardens. I can’t see them as something that would surround the entire house, because I always prefer their moss gardens, I thought it would be nice to have a miniature one somewhere in the house, a nice place to exhibit all the well-cared bonsai.

The upper floor bedroom. Now that’s what I would love a good bedroom to be – place to sleep near cosy fire place, place to sit and have tea and place to write. All in one room – who could want anything better? Good to write some mystery stories, ne?

This is upper bedroom. I’d say – take it more as if you happened on a weird inner courtyard with surprise finding. I got the plant as a reward in some game and had no idea what to do with it, though I must admit it’s one of the best free prizes I’ve ever got in this game.

The living room on the first floor that leads to the memorial garden. When someone is having a birthday, I like to decorate a room for the party. This one doesn’t quite have a use and I didn’t want to make another just-sitting-room, so I made it like a permanent party place. Renti-it-out-village-centre place. After all -temples are that.

Though I don’t support endless crying over the dead, I do think there should be place where one can respect them. I believe there should be proper mourning time and then remembering services according to the need, not endless crying over what could have been. I’d rahter have one memorial place where everyone can bring flowers no matter what’s the date, where fire burns for them and that’s it. I don’t like cemetaries – too much space lost under them and too many left uncared after a while.

This is the last room of the house. The terrace that sould it to me. Look – there are birds flying! And fish swimming! After all the years tiredlessly collecting anything that can bring the place alive, I was nicely surprised when here you didn’t have to – it was already here. So I made an open-air place for silence, game of Go and even fishing should one want to do that.


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