Shooting at the mall

The dream began simply – group of children dressed in school uniforms on an outing. It looked like a huge art gallery with shops on top of it. Or was it school? There were lots of chairs and tables organized in manner of a classroom, so it might have been that too. What made me think of it being department store were the cloth racks that were filling the rest of the space left over by the school tables.

I was one of the school children, about fourteen years old. I was with my group on the first floor when I happened to look aside when we passed a corridor that had doors with glass windows. I thought it would be storage area or something, but instead saw a figure coming through the corridor. I went on, but I could feel cold sweat building up on my spine. The guy was very tall, his head being only inches away from the ceiling and those were high in the place. Remember Rem from Death Note? Now imagine the same figure a lot thinner, the ribcage a lot higher and smaller, walking like a professional salsa dancer (they have this notable walk), red spiky hair and white rice paper-like hood that he kept adjusting as if it was about to fall off his shoulders. When he walked there, I saw nothing in his hand. He was quite close to the door, but yet far enough for me to see his fingers stretch and a huge wooden mallet appearing in his hand. It like grew out of his skinny sleeve! But I didn’t think more of it.

We watched another set of modern art, when the general alarm went off. We were already in next room, because we looked at our teacher in shock and towards the door, when screaming started. And shooting. All students started running in the same direction and teachers led us upwards, towards the shopping area. We went from corridors that were heavily lit and painted beige. There were signs that told people to move down and what to do when fire breaks out, but the teachers kept pushing us upwards. After few minutes of running, listening screaming students around us, we reached the last floor. But the moment the door opened on the last floor, we heard first big shots from the floor where the galleries were. I got pushed through the door and then the real panic arrived.

Students were standing around the tables without knowing what to do. We knew the creature was getting closer by the minute, going through every floor, and it wasn’t long until he reached here. Teachers told us to hide and that’s what we did, trying to get refuge between all the hanged up clothing. I hid between the racks too, but then I saw a toilet on my right. It had wall niche next to the door. It was better than hiding here in plain sight, I decided and I ran there.

I reached in the shadow right in time to see him enter the door. I was dead scared and pushed myself in niche, but it seemed already occupied and I was pushed out on open again. But thankfully not out from the room and though I could see him from where I was hiding, seeing him occupied with scanning through the clothes, shooting at them with some big gun while holding the wooden mallet in another. Seeing the power of the blast, I knew immediately that if I tried hiding behind the wall like that, open from front, I’ll be dead. So instead I grabbed the door as quietly as I could and hid myself behind that, pulling the door so it hid me in the corner. I could see from the slip on the back of the door how the boy, who had pushed me out from the corner, was loosing it. He was squeamish and started whimpering, making too much sound. Then I realized, by the sounds that followed, there were three more girls hiding right there, in the end of the shadows, totally in open. I saw the monster from the slip, too. He turned his head a bit, listened. I realized he must have superb hearing and forced myself to lower my breathing tempo and, recognizing it was still too loud, I changed to breathing through mouth. It was odd, I knew, even though I was still dreaming, that I physically tried to change my breathing so I would be breathing quietly.

I saw his head turn and he raised his hand with the gun pointing at the door. At that moment I pulled myself as far away from the split as I could, pushing against the corner as much as I could. I heard deafening roar, my schoolmates screaming and saw bright light before the heat reached my skin. It burned, I was scared to death, but I forced myself to breathe quietly. As quietly as possible or he can hear me.

I tried to blend in with corner. I saw the other boy weeping quietly through the split.

Then he slowly came in the toilet. The boy was immediately discovered and received a shot that made his body degenerate right before my eyes. Then his head turned and before he finished his move, I pulled myself out from the corner and, holding the door in place from the link, I pushed myself against it instead and closed my eyes. I didn’t have to see to know he had finished turning his head and was now looking right at the corner I had been in. I could see the light through my eyelids and I prayed my skirt didn’t reach very far as I kept my eyes closed. I knew that if I opened them, the light would flicker back from the eyeballs and he’d know I was there.

The light disappeared and I heard him leave, shooting next person hiding in the racks. I pulled myself away from the door and back in the corner. I stood there and kept telling myself to breathe slow and quietly through the mouth. I had to tell it or my panic would have taken over. I don’t know how long I was there, but I remember seeing the light go orange and then into darkness. I kept quiet until morning came and then saw men in police uniform. I was so stiff by then I couldn’t move or make sound, my throat was so try. I tried making sound and for that I woke up, still choking on the word.


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