School week-end

As you could read from my previous entry, it started with a bang. I thought I’ve gone out of my mind, because as much trouble as I have, I do not want to skip school. We’ll see about the new price. For now I pay what I still ow this year and we’ll see from there.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert is out. The cheapest ticket in that theater is 50 Euros and that’s way out of my league. That was worse news than the tuition fee (is that correct term even?).

Good news about school is that I managed to sit through the entire week-end despite fighting falling asleep all the time. Plus the seminar proved intriguing. As I felt I had nothing to loose, I put out the topic that has interested me since high school or even before that – The ideological  tutoring of children. Took my teacher off guard, bu after I gave him quick detour of what I thought to do, he said that he can’t think of anyone actually researching that. That gave me enough energy to go through the second exam the next day, get myself on the bus in the evening, go to sauna, return the next day and sit through the last day, too. I’m so exited! I thought it’s something that would be quite popular, but that’s amazing! It’s horrific too. If so far I’ve taken this as just something I read about now and then, then now I need to get to details and get the books together and oh my! Let’s just say that I received the long over reminder why I went to study there in the first place :).

So after  I got home today, I decided I do something utterly different for change. Made a second Barbie dress :). This time it only took me about  hours,  far less fuss and no actual need to figure out any new patterns. It’s flowery, little Gothic Lolita kind of dress, but it’s proper, take-off-and-put-back-on kind of dress and it looks cute. Which is the ultimate reason I made it. Something down right giggly.  Actually, they had a name for this type of dresses before Gothic Lolitas took them over, but I can’t remember it now.


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