Why rich go to school and people like me get to watch

Here it is, folks, the reason why people, who come from financially less secured families or need to pay for their own schooling, have trouble staying in University. The extra 120 Euros you need to put out starting from next year with less than a quarter year notice! I can hardly get together the 650, there is no signs of rise in salary and now they rise the payment from 650 to 710 per semester! Even if I continue using student loan to pay this, I can’t afford it! Right now I take loan 1300 per year and that’s a lot, but I do not want to take 1420 – that is too much if you count in the fact that I have to study at least 2 more years! That would be 1300 + (2 x 1420) = 4140 Euros for 3 years of study! That’s close to 65 k in old money! That’s more than my sis took her loan! I can’t pay that much back – not with such economic conditions rising its ugly head inEurope! It might be a dream, but I’m well grounded when it is about money and my situation.

Like always I read it BEFORE EXAM! So I am scared for two things now and angry, because I am not sure if I remember what I need now.

One good news though – my glucose level is down to 5.5 and that’s normal.  I got normal glucose test result! Yay! I now need to keep it.

But with this… I just don’t know if going to school is worth getting myself in personal bankrupt. No-one is gonna pay this for me and there is so much else that I need the money for.



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