Little Black Dress

A friend loaned me her dictaphone, beautiful white little thing, so I could try how it is to work with such machine. Yesterday, I finally got to the dictating part. I pushed the button down, took a deep breath… and it died in my hands. Battery dead, read the sign before it blanked.  

No batteries in near distance that fit, which is very not me, I poured my frustration in another unfinished little project. Put the Doom on the background and took down the box with my sewing stuff. They are put very high so our little “Master” can’t reach them. Don’t know what I have with this thing. I know the movie by heart, yet it is so comforting to have it play background.

After working on this for… since the first Barbie entry, I finally got the dress done.  Might have finished long ago, but i only keep them in one place and have other things in my mind, too. 

Made of wide cotton edge, black lace, white lace and some  wonderful dark chain. I traced the pattern from Sinatra’s cotton blouse and re-did it a bit. The skirt and blouse are both removable and that without tearing them apart. The skirt has chains both in front and back, though the backside ones aren’t that visible if the blouse is on. The blouse also has chain on the back, edges tucked behind the lace. That actually looks cute.


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