Feast with Tudor king

I was walking around in a older type house. we were having a historical party built up there. A Tudor time feast I think. It was a house that was rented out, there seemed to be big halls, but few smaller rooms. One hall was chosen for the feast and people were still running around there and fixing white linens over U type of table setting. I could hear the hammer working and there were still ladders around. The white linen was placed around most things in the room. Why? I don’t know.
I think the actual dream began in our dressing room and we were getting dressed. I had finished my dress-up and was now helping younger girls to get in theirs. It was very tight place and I felt we were in a washing room or something. It was all old and the walls were whited with lime wash. I helped second girl’s corset and watched them go to another older girl before I left.
I walked down the corridor and greeted others by slight nods, who were already dressed as servants while they were hanging lamps up again and doing things like that. The furniture was dark oak everywhere. I was dressed like chamber maid of the queen in Tudor series, in the wonderful light yellow-brown color with real pearls covering my fabric covered diadem. I felt good in this, real good.
When I was approaching the dinner room, which I described here earlier, I heard someone shouting “Don’t you dare give me this tone! I am still your King, oldest of Kings and you will answer to me!”
I was surprised that there was no laughter following and peeked from the open door. The servants were still running around like there was nothing strange and those, who were dressed like court members, were sitting behind the table, shocked and staring in top of the table.
There sat the older Henry VIII from the series! Only no one was treating him as some actor, but like real deal and I knew, immediately as I saw him there, that he is the real king, who has ended up in our family’s feast through some time loop!
I had already entered the room, so I couldn’t run back. I watched how his expression went from yelling to my uncle back to serene accompanying one. People were being introduced to him. He noticed me and beckoned me to go closer, too. I made a curtsy and sat the furthest on the end of the right wing of the table, where my other uncle was sitting. He looked a lot like ambassador of Spane ( http://thecreationofanneboleyn.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/tudorschapuys.jpg ) and he smiled to me, assuring that everything was ok. They were showing him pictures, like proudly presenting the succession, the history of his legacy and he seemed pleased.
Then a picture was sent around of queen Victoria and my uncle would present it to me and happily explain: “Can you imagine? She is his granddaughter! See the picture behind her? This is him! She has met him! Can you imagine? He is here!”
Then I woke up because the phone rang.
Strange and weird dream, probably from the fact that I just watched the last episodes of Tudors.


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