My official Friday the 13th

I had this sinking feeling that I should start printing out what I need before it’s too late. After sleep, work and dinner I finally had time to open my laptop and that was pretty much all I could do. Can’t access hard drive… Nothing else, nice black screen and only that error message on the top left corner. Brother started searching the possible reasons immediately, but I couldn’t even keep my eyes open, so I hit the pillow. When I woke again in the morning, he explained that the computer is in its prime, no information is lost, no part of hard drive has been damaged… just the little fact that the hard drive isn’t talking with mother board. Seriously, I hate family feuds. I’m not so worried for my writings – like proper lady, I have a good latest copy on flash memory. But I am without school materials, which I need for 2 upcoming exams, and my book collection. Also my movies, which I always keep there, the most beloved ones.

It is possible though, that if brother gets new hard drive, then the computer will work on. The one in there right now could be searched for data, too. The only problem is I have no cash for any such repairs. Also, sis managed to spill her coffee on the new laptop we got for her, so… Imagine how happy that makes me.

And to top this off, I got called to work, because my co-worker got sick, so now I’m here through the entire week-end nights, then get day and a half free and come for the next set of 2 workdays, one off and 3 workdays following. Oh and all that ends with school and 2 exams for which I have now no materials.


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