Folk Magic a.k.a The Glove Theory

This week’s Pagan Perspective topic.

I think the best way to describe it would be to use example of glove and hand.

 You have your hands. What do they do? They express your needs and your power to solve your problems. If you follow your hand to your body, you find that the power to solve your problems is related to all the wisdom you receiver from your body. Your body is like your family and community. All this is rooted to the earth with your feet, thus acknowledging that your community’s wisdom comes from the past, from times that are now dust under our feet.

Gloves that you wear over your hands protect us. You can change your gloves whenever you like according to weather and fashion. It protects and hides what is inside. Still, it doesn’t affect the knowledge that you express with solving your problems.

Like so is the religious part of your path – it helps to protect and nurture, but it doesn’t always solve your problems. It’s the practical knowledge that is the needed tool to find solution to your daily problems, but to know how to use this you need the past and old folk knowledge to have manual to use your tool.

Folk Magic is the wisdom that you learn from your community and life, the little wheels that help to run your life, but you won’t find from books. It is undeserving that many don’t consider it equal to their path while in reality, it is part of our lives – the little seeds of wisdom that start “if you have this problem, do like this…”.


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