First nakedness

A day later I finally had a night to take the dolls out. It reminded me some weird BDSM game – there is so much plastic involved to keep the dolls in place that it took me close to an hour to get all of it off – like why do they need to keep the hat on with 6 plastic threads??? Ruined Sinatra Barbie’s hairstyle with this! How do you expect the doll hair to look like after all that harsh handling to get all those threads out? I felt like fainting, so close to the hair with scissors.  Or does the doll have to have plastic tiny label holders to keep the jacket and tie in place?

I think I’ll be calling Sinatra Barbie simply Sinatra. Gotta make difference somehow. Though I must admit she looks more like classical Barbie than The Basic model does. I know it’s irrational thought, but hey, the entire Barbie thing is like from another world.

Next I took the clothes off to see how their bodies look. It turns out that the one with the joints (Sinatra Barbie) is wider in hip and breast than the model figure. Also, her left hand has a crack in it! It looks like the seam has broken. That’s unfortunate, but I’m already searching net for how to fix this. Probably won’t have to actually touch it for now, but better to know in the future. It still holds and it isn’t very visible, only if I move the hand certain way.

The difference of collector’s dolls and daily playable dolls really comes out with those two – the way the make-up has been painted or even with the shape of them. Though I must say they are very beautiful next to each other. When I saw the model body on images I thought it looked rather bad. I only got it for the head so I didn’t think much about it. In real life it looked surprisingly beautiful and though it is indeed stiff as a corpse, I’m now thinking that it actually was worth the money. The jointed doll was a bit disappointment though. Very few features on body, some rough seams, but kind of cute, so I think I’m ok with it for now. Not good enough to swop heads though.

After the costumes were off, I re-dressed them the opposite way. That’s how I found out that they aren’t matching up. Oh, and the black dress is far shorter than it appears and neither of the dolls have lingerie neither in fabric form or painted. I already found an inspirational site that offers very intriguing ideas how to solve that problem. I must try this in theory, but I think if I make the gowns using Sinatra, they should fit on both. Right? Perhaps it will be slightly big, but as I said – I must try this out first. I already started with the thing 🙂 – made the first white gown for Basic Model and in process of making little gothic dress for Sinatra. Let’s say – inspired from gothic as so far there is very little gothic-like there.

And here comes the gallery!


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