B and S have entered the house!

The dolls have arrived! Barbie Basic 001 and Sinatra Barbie. When was the first time I mentioned them? Oh yes, long time ago. Still, didn’t expect them to come much earlier, so it was ok.

I first visited friend for her birthday and took a bus from there. The post-office they send the packages are way out the city (new “practical” post council idea, which actually means seriously hard traveling on our part, especially to those, who have to move by bus). I got there, filled the note and gave it to the postman. She disappeared in the back room and returned with the package and a customs officer! The officer asked me to step aside for a second. It appeared that they were having some narcotic search going on and the dog had just sniffed something coming from the package and they were planning to open it. As it was mere minutes ago and I had already arrived to pick up the pack,  he asked if I mind if they open the package with me present. Naturally I wasn’t against and they looked it through with no results of course. But another customs officer already came from the back room and nodded like they had found something.

OK, I thought, it happens. Went back to the road and on the crossroad suddenly heard a crash right next to me. A man had hit the next car from the back. Man immediately got out and started yelling at the woman in front when I saw thee police stopping, like seconds after the crash in front of the first car. I realized that the woman had pulled the speed down to let the police car past. Which was immediately explained to the man in the back car by police, too.

That can happen too, I figured and got on the bus. It was filled with students in the next few stops. The bus was really full. We went through few more stops and then the bus stopped in the next and didn’t open the doors. Great! A ticket control! Had the ticket, but still – it was the last drop. I felt like it was “make every law enforcement officer visible onTartuday!” or something.

Mom and sis thought this is so typical of me – can’t send me anywhere without something happening. In the evening they showed in the news of stuff they have found in customs that consisted something illegal and brother and mom didn’t stop laughing – me and my narcotic dolls.


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