Junk Yard Watch

It was a junk yard and evening time. My big brand new bike had been stolen. There were stuff missing from folks already before. There was another man there, standing against the junk yard gate. He had pulled a blanket around himself, so was I. It was like fashion item, come in fashion with the cold.

Suddenly I hear him calling back in the yard something that seemed like joking over me being victim to a crime. I didn’t take it well at all. I got soup spoon out from my pocket and assuring it with my finger I pushed it against his jawbone.  I repeated several times, asking if it was funny now and he begged me to stop. But I pushed the spoon upwards and upwards, grabbing hold of his neck with my left hand.

Suddenly I heard the meat tear and saw his head fly off. It popped off! Like a jar being opened with spoon.

I pushed myself away, watching how the head flew over me and landed on the street while the body mashed into a huge pile of meat and bones under the blanket. I didn’t stay still for long. There was no blood. I ran to the head, got it and ran back to the body. I collected it all into the blanket, rolled the body in it, putting the head in his hands.

Next I remember I was standing above snow dome I had made next to the yard and ran away. I had time to make descant disappearing now – they wouldn’t find him before spring.

As I ran away in the night dark street, I woke up.


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