Gold Fish in drying trench

I was on a helicopter, flying over Estonia countryside. I was like watching an old documentary with all the flipping of the film, patches of grey colors – everything. I heard male voice encountering what we saw. It seemed a very boring movie at the same time, I felt not keen or interested in it at all.

Well, there we flew, over some old field. It was green like early spring and in some parts under water. Pretty typical early spring around here. The voice kept commenting with very bored voice how we were passing yet another little spring or trench and how Estonians loved to go swimming in them. It seemed odd a bit, but I took it as somewhat normal information though it was obvious that the springs and trenches the video showed were hardly deep enough to cover anyone’s ankle. Then the camera eye changed image to more sloppy area. There were small bonds now, like rain gathering spots where one could get in at least up to your middle. We saw some sort of moss or mushroom mycorrhizal growing towards the water in the grass.

Suddenly the helicopter got lower and we jumped out, still like watching the entire experience on a movie view and I descended to the water, hearing the man say: “And here did early Estonian kids come to search for Gold Fish”. I reached down, to move some wood that had blocked my way when suddenly two crabs appeared on it, smaller ones, and started talking: “No-no-no, you can’t chase Gold Fish! You’re too old and heavy! You’d crush it! Children must do it!”

Then I woke up.


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