Daily divination methods

Divination being the thing of the week in the zone I move I round, I can’t just close eyes and sit through it. Several videos posted talk about tools you need for the craft and where to get them. If you’re not yet sure what will work for you or if you even want to continue on this path, it can be rather pricy up taking.

One argument that rose was around having the “right” kind of tool. Who have been following the blog know that I support making your own tools as much as you can. This is especially true when you are taking up the task of divination. The right kind of tool is not the plastic coated special type of cards or rare jewel or metals that make you itch – even worse if you don’t connect with them and you’ve just spent tons of green on them. They are just tools. The right kind of tool is the item that you connect with, feel that if you get hold of it, you are home. That’s the kind of tool you need, the one that works for you.

There are many divination ways where you don’t need many tools, simple little things you can try to test your divination skills and get answers, incite when you need it fast. Also, no special tools needed means you can base most of them on things you have at home.

Pendulum is probably one of the simplest ways to start with divination. It was the first I learned and it’s easiest to find. If you look around, there are many things that work. You can use your ring that you wear all the time, a needle – anything that can fall from good string will work for you. All you need to do is open your palm, place the ring on string against your palm and gently raise it up. Stop few centimeters above your palm and hold your hands still. Concentrate and ask your question. Ask it first to show yes respond to you, then no. Then ask your question.

Yes and No answers can be received several ways. One would be taking three tokens, where one side can be separated from the other. Coins work well here. Take three coins, close your other hand over it and flip it in your fist while thinking on your problem. If two or more heads fall heads up, your answer is yes. If it’s tales, your answer is no. Same method is the base for I Ching, which is more complex method.

Runes can also be made from anything you have at home. Best is, yes, out of fruit bearing tree, but if you don’t want to go after branch from your apple tree or you don’t have it, you can cut 24 pieces of  thick paper, write the runes on them and search the meanings out from the internet. They vary, but that’s absolutely normal. Just choose what you feel most comfortable with and follow it. I have four different versions in my collection, adding to it are one modern version and witches’ runes. Turn all the papers head down, mix them and choose three runes. “For morning, lunch and dinner”. In other words – past, present and future or heart of the problem, solution and possible outcome if you choose to follow the advice. It is advisable not to take out more than you feel ok with. Usually two or three stones. If you are any familiar with spreads, then you can make them.

If you find a candle in your home that has been used, put the wax in a small bowl, in the hot water bowl and let it melt. Fill washing basin or a bucket with about30 cmwater. When the wax has melted, ask your question and toss the wax in water. Careful – it flies from your hands! Interpret the received wax image according to how you see it, your symbolic values. It will give you answer.

Found a green tree leaf that fits in your hand? Hold it in your hand, think of your question. Then put your other hand above it and fast clap your hands together. If it sticks to the other hand, you can expect positive outcome, if not – not.

If you sit in place where you don’t want others to know that you are doing divination, but you notice sugar cubes. Turn the coffee in your cup few times with spoon, contemplating on your question. Take a spoonful of coffee and add sugar cube on top of it. First name each end of the cube with possible answer. When you place the cube on your spoon, watch the coffee rise. The corner the coffee reaches first, is the answer. Then toss it in your coffee and smile absentmindedly to anyone, who watched your contemplation.

How about whirling around in your room, eyes closed and thinking over your question? Make few rounds, then open your eyes and make note on the first item you see. It will show you image in your head and you’ll know the answer if it hits you.

You’ve got bag of grain at home? Or beans or peas? Take a good handful of them and place it on the surface where they can’t go off. A low plate for example. Start counting the grains by three back into the bag. If there is 2 or 3 left on the plate, the answer is yes, if 1, then no.

Do you have a bible? Open it up on random place and read the first line your eyes fall on. This will be your verse of the day, your answer and divination.

Scrying is always nice method. I have black plates at home. So making black scrying mirror is easy – just pour some water in it. Works well also with white plates, anything without patterns painted on them. Scrying can be performed from anything that shines and is smooth. No need for special crystal ball. It can come later, when you have already started with plate. Or clouds. I like watching clouds, the answer is often there- both for weather and signs.

Playing cards? Look at the top of my blog and you find link for simple meanings. Shuffle, take the card and read the meaning.

These are only few of the methods available right from where you are sitting. Anything can be used really. I make up my own methods nowadays. How do I know they are accurate? You just know – if it feels right, it usually is. If not, change the method or change the time. Sometimes it just isn’t the right time.

With this I should bring out the warning that whatever method you choose for your divination, it shouldn’t be done more than once per month or until you see the divination fulfilled. You must give time for your prophecy to work. Otherwise you drive yourself and the tool crazy and you get nothing from it.

And by the way – we finally have the right winter here and I feel full of energy, so if you have any questions regarding different methods, I’ll answer them on the first possible moment.


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