I created new category, Treasury.

As you’ve noticed, I’ve got soft spot for herbalism, foraging and lately also to preparing (not in the sense of preppers – I just like going out on them). There are lots of plants I know and am learning about.  I don’t want to create a new place for it all as there are quite a list of things I’ve already have here.

So I’m just gathering them all under Treasury. But from the next post on, I’ll try go from simply noting down my founds to actually adding information on how to use them or where I can find it, how to grow them if it is possible. The main idea would be to create a collection of articles on plants that are local. My biggest problem with most English Foraging sites are that they are foreign and often contain information that either totally goes against what I believe (like the mushroom image mix up) or isn’t absolutely true to my region. For example the plants that are not poisonous in one area while is seriously poisonous in another, related to soil chemistry. I’ve made a small list of what I want to add in each post, so we’ll just see how it will go.

I just want information for myself. I know there are tons of books out there, but reality is – I don’t want to go through evry one of them to add the same info in all of them.

Yup. That’s the plan.

I’ll start with Wolfberry tomorrow.



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