Almonds and Brazil nuts

As I am close to brain dead at this point – two hard exams in two days, lots of material and very little sleep can have its toll.

Still, I found an hour after the second exam and got myself coffee!  Actually, she bought it, I forgot my wallet. But it was really something I needed. We talked about diabetes, too and I mentioned I tried out soaking almonds over night. I decided to try it out. I don’t have stuff to make that almond milk or anything else, but this seemed good idea. Then sis asked if I can actually eat almonds.

So I searched and thank God for internet and all the stupid questions, I got my answer – how many almonds per day could I eat? So far I’ve avoided searching it, because I seriously love almonds. I figured I’d have it as something that breaks the diet.

Came out that if I eat around 30 almonds per day, it is actually good for me, along with brazil nuts, which I also adore. The latter I can have up to 6 per day. I am happy. I never have more than 15 usually or 3.

But right now I need another coffee and later on a proper energy drink. I did make the promise, but I think I have earned the right for it. Otherwise I will have to leave from class, because I fall asleep.



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