New Year resolutions and Sherlock Holmes

I’ve come down to one hand resolution for this year:

  1. Take more serious touch on Russian language.
  2. Get my diabetes under control.
  3. Learn to spend less.
  4. Finish the novel
  5. Prioritize school.

Simple, yes, but even that is loads of work. Plus what I already know is coming, I’ll be glad if I get it done. Russian language is just something I need in every field of my life, so I just need to get more comfortable and finally do it. Diabetes under control is self explanatory, also prioritizing education and finishing the novel (read: put in practice all the theory I’ve been digging in last year).

Spending money is starting to concerne me a lot.  Tiny fact I’m not liking at all as prices keep rising and I feel I’m loosing control over how much I spend where. I noticed I’ve started making more impulse purchases after I closed my Yoville account, too. It really is making us into more careless buyers. So I need to get it back in control as fast as I can before I go red for good. I wonder if it’s getting into circle that I opened yoville account again? I did it two weeks ago and I do feel that I don’t want to go at book shop and search out literature just for a deal. Something I had grown to love this past few months.

There are several ideas, which I also think about to try out this year, or few dreams I’d like to fulfill, but they are all the sort that are still work in progress ideas so to say. They are less priority, but knowing myself I’d say I’ll be going for them with the same passion as I’m taking the first list.

  1. Make the Goddess statue. I’ve got all the stuff, now I just need a day to play around with it all.
  2. Grow Amaranth and continue watering the plants. Also lavender.
  3. Learn how to make pysanky – I already am collecting the white egg shells I could use.
  4. Get proper food paints! Gee – how long do I continue without them?
  5. Finish the bone runes.
  6. Paint a classical tempera icon. Why not?
  7. Start making doll house.
  8. Finish at least 25 pages in Luain
  9. Continue with other courses.
  10. Learn to make French manicure.
  11. Drink tea without sugar again
  12. Not to drink energy drinks
  13. Not to buy things I don’t actually eat or drink or use.

I tried soy drinks today for the first time in my life. You always read about it, but never try them. Well, I decided I should, taking the first step towards less sugary life. This includes discarding sugar from my teas – why I even put it in is beyond me as I don’t like the taste at all – and saying no to energy drinks (failed tonight, but I could write a story, why).  Soy doesn’t have lactose in it, which is milk sugar, the culprit why I can’t have much milk. The soy yoghurt thing is absolutely out and definitely the last resort for me. It tasted more like non-baked starch and if anyone has ever tried it knows it is beyond liking. Yet it wasn’t that awful either. The other drink was nice and that I rather liked. Except the prices, which are way over my liking.

I have grown interest to perfection and perfection-looking worlds. Perhaps because my own world has turned into mess again.  Still, Barbie movies have quite an appeal to them and I’ve started seeing different side of them. Though they still are terrible and utterly weird.

Sherlock Holmes. What a character! That I’m saying based on the book, the movies and the series. If with Hercule Poirot it’s the one and only David Suchet that I feel ready to accept as he is just perfect, then Holmes has turned out to be character that I accept most versions without much trouble. This has really raised my interest in him, because all the versions are so different, bringing out aspects others have pushed aside, yet they all look fantastically united.

I am very glad that they decided to continue with the newest of series, too.  It came as a total surprise, which turned me towards searching it from the web in the next hour. I can imagine all the fanfiction rising from it. Still, the solution to the third episode was indeed beyond my expectation, but it reminded me more of a warning I saw in a book some years back. It was about a writer, who sold his works to the newspaper by chapters. In one chapter, he wrote his main character into situation with no way out, literally stuck in the hole. Everybody was waiting what would happen next. The next chapter started with words: “He jumped out.”

Was as it was, the new episode made me love the series with same passion I left it.  But seeing both the movie and the series so close to each other made me realize that no matter what – I am the child of crime stories and forever fan of weird detectives. Including Grissom from CSI: Original series, who had peculiar interest in both bugs and friendship with dominatrix, giving me intriguing comparison moment with what I saw yesterday. The fury it rose amongst the conservative parties did honour to the series, too. Pointless fight really, there was nothing but some decently covered nakedness of a beautiful lady + little bit of Sherlock.

It’s snowing again. How delightful.


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