Happy New Year!

I went to see my grandparents, because I haven’t found the time for long time and I really wanted to spend the time with them.

When I reached to Tallinn that day, it was white! All white and covered with snow!

It was a small gathering with my aunt and nephew and his kid and his other half were there. My grandmother was really concerned that everybody got their little dummies full, but the 80 years of experience on how to cook perfect pork, make the ideal potatoes and get the juiciest dressing, you can not but get the most of it. Not to mention the salads, cookies, cakes… You name it!

As we were eating through the mountain, we had few drinks too, me and nephew’s wife we were more like tasting. My aunt was listening absolutely nothing I was saying, going on about her opinions on my life as usually, neatly asking questions between, but ignoring them just the same. Which is exactly how she’s always been. I especially enjoyed happening on her conversation with grandma, with whom they were discussing my life and she was giving her report on what she had found out about me and there was nothing of the info I had given.

After dinner was finished, but table not cleaned except the plates, glasses and silver – traditionally we never clear the Christmas or New Year’s Eve table – we got to the fun part of divination! After two different attempts on different cookers, we finally made little fire under the stove and spent the next hour heating the tin in small scoop before tossing it into bucket of cold water. Even the tiniest was allowed to hold the scoop and with mother’s help he too had his future foretold. I got something reminding of a wind or boat… It at least contained little money, so I can be happy for that. Grandfather’s was some sort of flower shape, reminded me a lot of rose and nephew got nest, which was loaded with money and a swan.

Then it was past 10 and time for TV. There were tons of old movies, sick humor shows and concerts. Meanwhile we had coffee and cake. We all moaned over bad choice of TV program to grandpa, who was holding the remote control and he agreed, clicking through all 20 programs before landing back on the worst and staring at it with such intrigue that no one dared to change his mind. He fell asleep soon after that and we changed the channel to our liking. He woke up and changed back. That monotone rhythm got messed up by the little drama show the family cat and I performed when I was letting it sleep on my lap while I was scratching behind her ears. But I didn’t let her massage my dummy, which was not to her liking at all and she buried her teeth and nails in my hand, followed by my yelping and screaming from pain. The conclusion of the story would be – you might not get everything, but some just won’t put up with getting less they think they deserve. I contemplated over this for the ten minutes I washed my wounds. Like that wasn’t enough, I, of course, managed to spend our President’s annual speech in toilet – if nature calls, you can’t resist.

But right after that we watched the fireworks and though the city wasn’t doing any, we have got the luckiest place for it, because where we are, there is the best show on the city. It was magnificent by short.

Then we wished each other happy new year and I got to wish it first to grandfather, which means I’ll have one really good year coming, and our previous odyssey with the TV continued. But as we were all a bit tired, we cleaned the coffee table and headed to bed at two. Then my aunt came while I was washing the cups, sneaked close to my ear and asked: “How will we share the beds?” I said without thinking that I’d like the one closest to the window. “That’s settled then” was all she said and after finishing the cleaning, heading to my favorite bed and wishing good night, we fell asleep.

It was all finished with pink champagne in the morning right after the fantastic breakfast table, where we thought of our new year promises. Mine are simple: do less mistakes, learn to make French manicure, write the book, get exams done.

So yeah, my 2011 ended pretty much the same way many years have found their ends – grandmother indulging her adorable feeding instinct, nephew telling stories from that year and previous, his child using all the attention he has got, grandpa choosing the TV programs and me enjoying the chaos our little gatherings always provoke, always ending the day on that old couch, staring at the stars and sleeping better than ever.

Happy New Year!


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