Though the start for the day was rough, it was more like diamond in the rough than anything else. I decided early on that no matter what my daddy dearest holds true, I don’t have to follow his philosophy and thus forgave him quite fast. Went to town instead and got so worked out, I felt actually happy when I managed to get back home (hitchhiking by the way and thanks so much to the lovely older couple, who picked me up) I was dead tired and ready to celebrate holidays.

Few nice surprises – several of my experiments from earlier that year were surprisingly tasty and were gone from Christmas table far before I got good taste of them. I am very pleased for that and I will try find the recipes to write them down permanently.

The marzipan business went weird, but we rescheduled and we’ll do it some other time. Glad I didn’t bring something that could go off soon.

Lately I’ve been thinking on my writing again. That’s good, right? I should concentrate on studies for a change, but otherwise I’m more than ready to spurt write my story. As I do have two nights with nothing filling them, I will start revising the information and characters. It’s been enough time to marinate the literary studies.

We saw a ladybug on Christmas Eve! How cool is that? Real Ladybug Christmas :D. Anyone, who’s seen the Estonian animation will get the joke.

Anyway – real holly Christmas.


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