Political news

There are so many things in the world that irritate me right now.

Like sentence I read from Daily Mail: “Strident atheist intellectual, author and journalist Christopher Hitchens dies, aged 62, after battle with cancer.” Like it matters if the man was an atheist or as if they are trying to discredit the author by pointing out he didn’t believe in God. I’m sorry – why does it matter?

“Channel 4: We’ll screen shocking images of violence and child abuse that proves Syrian torture policy.” How about also showing images of violence caused by other citizens? How has it suddenly become all centered around police force being too brutal when they are just as other people, driven to their end, having to be the cushion of abuse between the government and the public?

Now there’s a thought for you all – police is the middle between the government and the public. This coin has all three sides – what a complete picture! There is the heads, which would be the public, the eagle (or whoever) that is the government and then the rigged ribbon between them two. All facing out. No one is facing in. And here’s your problem – all three faces are made of same metal (except the 2 and 1 Euros, but this is figuratively speaking). So if you talk about police brutality, you really should look in the other end too. What makes the police loose control? I keep reading how the police is showing too much force, too much control. Ahem. Last time I read the theory on control and power, I read something in line “the one not in control would want to do anything to keep control that they are loosing” and “the “weak” side is the one in control as the strength of the chain is still defined by the weakest link”.  Come to think of it – who does it make the weakest link? Not the police, neither the government. The tiny little public teenager, who hasn’t got the entire story straight and is now going around, yelling abuse and threats at police, knowing they will get away with it. Because if one of the policemen has enough, the brat can call it harassment and still walk free.

Or the fact that the man, who had decency to toss out a freckles foulmouthed boy from a train, because he seriously overdid his freedom of speech, drove without the ticket and the train was stopped because of him. Now he is facing court, because the youth had the audacity to sue him! Even after the video tape, which shows exactly how the incident rolled out! I don’t know how stupid is stupid, but this just hit the bottom. About a week later some punks stabbed a ticket inspector…

That’s why I read the news only once a week.


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