Swords of King David

In my dream I was at grandparent’s house, in the back room. At least it looked like it before it was redesigned. I had just woken up and pulled the curtains away from the door, sun shining in from the window. The moment I got the curtain away, a huge woman (who looked very tomboyish) was standing there, pushing in so hard I had to grab her arms in order to stand up. Irritated that I couldn’t get past, I pulled back and started putting clothes together and getting dressed.

While I was doing it, she slumped on the sofa, dug out a notebook from her bag and started asking me questions from bible. I replied calmly from memory, but I grew restless after her tone got more irritating. I felt like they were all over now, those checkers, and they were testing our knowledge on bible to confirm on which side we were on. Don’t know what the side picking was about though. I just felt angry that I was forced to choose like that.

Also, I kept finding little white plastic swords everywhere around the room. Lots of questions asked related with King David and it kept hammering in my head that these were emblems of Kind David’s army. For reason unknown to me I kept hiding them back in the closet, unhappy that they turned out now. Like a box of them had gone over in the closet.


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