Day 43 to 50

 Day 43 and 45:

Will do it when my waking time, not-running-to-work time and sunrise time actually meet. Which might be in next spring I guess.

I know I’m skipping a lot of these early exercises right now, but this isn’t the purpose. They just happen to be in time laps, when the time of the exercises, the weather and reality don’t mix at all. So I’ll do them in spring time when they actually do meet.

Day 46:

This oddly met the time when I was just pondering my own ability to protect myself and those around me when time arrives. Spirituality is nice thing, but I know how easy it is to get lost in it. I gladly enjoy the feeling that you can put all your life into spiritual world without having to think about what goes on in daily life. IF you forget one side, you break your balance. I do feel connection with Sage, but I also feel being out of balance in daily protection.

Day 47

Are you more peaceful – agitated?
Emotionally I guess I am, but at the same time I’m filled with edginess as I feel I haven’t got all the information I need.

Do you feel energized or exhausted?
Energized and I don’t mean it the good way. I feel like I could go on doing thinking-related work for several more hours, yet my mind tells me I need to go and rest now or I’ll be too tired tomorrow.

How does your ordinary state of mind appear to you when confronted with stillness?
I feel I’m constantly searching ways to plan time. Even now, when not talking, I’m still making plans, going over schedules and taking notes on various projects.

Did this process help you to tap your intuitive wisdom?
Yes. Without the cover of being busy with others, I became widely clear on what my life is like and how unorganized it is.

 Day 48 to 50:

Invoking God will be done in spring, when the sun is in proper position. I really don’t’ feel ok doing it right now though some would say this is the best time for it. I like to actually see sun when I do such exercises, though this one particularly is done in midnight.


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