Game of thrones

I was called to be fifth in a board game called “The Game of Thrones”. I have heard of the books (brother has read them and explained me some things some time back) and I know there is new series released in TV, but that’s as far as my knowledge went. Always liked the dices on the covers – that counts?

In conclusion it was very nice evening and I enjoyed it. The chairs can crack as far as I care for being so uncomfortable, but they never were meant sitting for more than few minutes. We ended up sitting there around 4 hours?

I was the house of Tyrell- way south, few horses, some kinsmen and two ships. I think I kept the noble name of Protector of the South rather nicely. Did only one martyr jump in the midst of House of Baratheon, so I’m rather pleased for that and later kept him away from my lands. The only ones that I was left with. No power, no possibilities to expand. But hell did I let them take that little I had left and hell yeah did I got my strategy right!

Alright, so I got exited – haven’t played strategy games since Magic: The Gathering. I still have the cards and I still love my Worm Farm (they work well against certain division self-propagating squirrels). Oh, wait, I have, but that was also long ago.

One thing made me curious though – why on earth did my station look so tiny compared with others? I was seriously in disadvantage. I seek the TV show out and I’m just as hooked. How

intriguing world. We played by simplified rules, yet the worlds built on the scenes were amazing! The castles, the khalasar tents! (Yes, darling – their Drogo is handsome to the bone)

So I’m guessing I’m taking up the books to finish the entire parade off as I seriously want to read how those characters were described, the places, the things…

Tony Stark as the new recruit for the house of Stark – what?  I think I’ll pass this info search for now and read the books instead. After I’ve done with the reading for exam.

Ok, so I’m the Lord of the Rings generation.

Other things going on. Sent my phone in guarantee today. It keeps switching itself on and off, plus it doesn’t react on the button to switch the screen off. The administrator kept looking at the scratches of the phone, but my brother warned me not to say it. How sick. I know it has fallen once – had no choice when it flew from my hand after I fell. Damn car park!

December is going to be one hell of a month. I’m irritated right now that I won’t have enough money to pull off all my plans, but what can I do if I just don’t have it? Must do some adjustments and then just go through the plans. Brother already commented me being too overprotective on matters of how to celebrate, but being in sort of a fit, I need this to be cleared before I go red on my bank account. Might look crazy right now, but if I don’t pull this off, then… well, the future will be grim both for Europe and me.

Writing has been scarce. I did finish the second chapter of the short story I’m posting on the writing blog, but as I’m again oddly on schedule that starts9 inthe morning (if I’m lucky as most days I still wake up at 7) and ends at3 inthe night. Yet I can’t find time for two things I should be doing that define who I want to be in the future. So I suggest not ask questions on my home life right now. Dad still sleeps his days off and bro and I are not having lunch as this takes too much time and I’d lose the half an hour to play with Madli.

Yes, this comes from the mouth of a woman, who is still planning to make her own gingerbread dough and cookies, candies, pastes and everything else that goes with the holidays.

Before another smart bean dares to open their mouth on how pointless it is to bother with such daily stuff – stop wasting my time. I may not be Christian, but I’m fond of holidays (I can go on an hour on why Jõulud is more related with anything but Christians) as they are wonderful markers of time in our year and they give me at least some change in my utterly dull life. And you enjoy my cookies just as much as I do, not to mention the clean rooms, fresh air and everything else, with making you did not bother to take part in. Some people are so odd – they are utterly disappointed and angry if a guest happens to wonder in your apartment you share with them, yet they haven’t lifted a finger for years to clean anything! Where do such people come from? Why do we have to put up with them? Isn’t there a law about socially accepted slavery somewhere?

The chrysanthemum I bought two weeks ago is still up and wrap and blossoming so greatly as if it was planted in that water. So lovely for a change.


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