Pentagram page start

I started Luain’s new page! I just wanted to do something totally different on this time of endless writing and feeling swamped. Can’t wait to get home and paint it. A lovely pentagram page with greenery surrounding it. Looking at the page made me think about the planetary hours again I never wrote in the book. As awful as it sounds, I don’t connect with it at all. I tried keeping my eye on them and see the difference, but it just isn’t clicking. I’ll keep it open page though, won’t write anything else there right now. It’s just… I’ve always followed the system that I found years ago before knowing anything more about planetary hours and it has worked well for me. But now, learning the new “side” of it and so far I haven’t managed to get it right for me at all. Like it’s messed up. Plus I would need to add page next to it explaining the planetary powers, so now that I think of it I think I should make a two page bordered double instead with the table and explanations. Which is nice as now I can find something else to put there.

I am unsettled about the elements though. I understand that wiccans follow certain way of it, but I’ve always felt closer to one representing Sass’ view (I know who he is, so that matters) and Chinese view. This is, the top of the pentagram is green tree and the bottom is metal. Air is all around us, so is it around the pentagram and spirit is in the centre (though that isn’t the classical view of it, but that’s how I feel).

New series has caught my attention called The Secret Circle. The idea itself is… simple, but they have books there that caught my attention. Perhaps because I’m drawing the page again. Some of the ideas used for those pages could end up in my book, but we’ll see about that.

The calling for God still is freaking me out, but after going through most of my “wise” books, I’m come to conclusion that though it has frightened me, it wasn’t because of the god that appeared, but because of the message itself and that’s a good thing.

I wanted to draw mandala few days ago. Put that idea aside for now. Should the idea return, I’ve got materials and papers ready. Couldn’t put my paintings back where I held them so far, but one thing is good – the heater is cold! I am so glad! I rather have slightly cooler place than Finnish sauna.

Past few days I’ve started thinking on Native Americans. I don’t know why they are drawing my attention, but they are. I’ll see soon, right?

Two packages are arriving tomorrow :). One from friend in US, other from Balscand. And if I’m lucky, I get to go and collect the stone set from Post24 tomorrow, too. At least if the remark behind my order is valid and they have sent them out. I’m so exited! I’ll be doing meeting with the Provider then, because I’ll have the frankincense essential oil, myrrh essential oil and pine, too! Also, I can boil some “tea” with pine and oak. I will try to do the burning outside, but the downside of it is now the rising storm. Yay! We are in the season of storms.


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