Day 37: Calling the Young God

There is a list of questions I should answer now, but I will only say that sexuality isn’t a problem to me when religion is mixed in, so I’ll leave it there.

When I was calling for Goddess, I first saw a meadow in early morning. Amazing picturesque cold northern, green-blue scenery. It was a total opposite with God. Like transferred into a Bedouin tent in heat filled desert. This makes me think I now know how I should represent the two sides of goddess and god, but back to it.

I was calling for Dionysus. As I haven’t called any of them before, I chose someone, who would be close to Hestia and I’m guessing most people know their connection. Also, I’ve been listening this song for days now, Baccus by Corvus Corax, so it seemed good way to start.

I first put pine essential oil in the burner (love the scent and it is symbolic for the young god), then the salt lamp candle (it is cute junk of pink hollow piece of salt and I sometimes use it to replace the sea salt I don’t always have here) and then the golden candle.

After I had said the name three times (I felt my mouth go dry after that) and watched in the candle light, the mist went and I ended up in the tent. I saw several men enter the tent, all dressed slightly differently, but like warriors and I recall them all coming to me, looking at me and going pass me, behind me, but staying in the room. There must have been four or six of them. Some appeared as simple misty figures, whom I just couldn’t focus. One of them carried bow that seemed too big for his size. Odd detail I thought. When I dream of a play (for writing), I usually see it as one sided stage, but I was really surprised that I felt like being in a physical room with four walls and ceiling. I was also confused, because I thought I was calling out Dionysus – Greek god, then why was I seeing something I’d placed for Syria?

Then a man entered, taller than others, with curly black hair and beard to match. Some of his hair had been braided and carried golden rings in them, but they matched with golden details of his arm covers and huge belt. He was wearing deep red trousers-kilt sort of thing. He was holding something, some leather ropes(?) in his right hand and his left hand was raised. He paused before talking to me and then said simply: “War is coming! Prepare yourself”

I immediately broke the connection, shocked and wondering if I wasn’t dreaming this. But I convinced myself that I was dreaming it, so I decided to try again. So I closed my eyes, emptied my mind and looked in the flame again. This time I tried to keep myself aware of what went on, only called for young god and no one by name and even tried imagining the fire lightning up, but it didn’t go and imagining something Greek. After all, he didn’t look young at all – like good looking 40 more likely. The moment I gave up trying, because it wasn’t working at all, I ended up back there. He was again standing there, but stayed silent and the men, who had gone behind me, kept telling me the same thing – “War! Prepare yourself!”.

The moment I realized what they said, I was wide awake. I immediately ended the session and went to bed. I only wrote the sentence down, but I didn’t want to bonder over it. As I was rather tired, I fell right asleep and woke up early when sis arrived.

But the words have been with me the entire day and I am quite frankly lost. I knew I hadn’t got Dionysus. Who was he? But this wasn’t really the question number one. How seriously should I take this? That was what I kept pondering over. I can’t brush it off like a dream, I’m pretty convinced this wasn’t some brain joke. I had been in good mood before, I hadn’t read anything war-related nor experienced what I call the Jumpy Thoughts.

Yet the message is eerie. And it just got a whole scarier when sis arrived in the evening and told me that she hasn’t been sleeping well, because she’s seen nightmares about war. She is probably the one, who got dad’s talent of foretelling dreams (which I’m very grateful I did not), though neither of us can be sure of it yet. One way or the other, her saying this to me today and my odd meeting yesterday put me in rather raffled state.

Another feeling that hasn’t let me free is the God who appeared to me yesterday. Throughout the day I’ve felt rising sensation of him being my god. So I figured I research him a bit. Syrian? That’s where I started. Put in Syrian gods and looked at the images that appeared. Never really googled them before – haven’t felt such strong need to do it. One caught my eye.  Ashur. Shortly, the iconographic symbols and bow – all of it holds water. This makes the message slightly scarier, too.

I gather I would like to take few days off for now. I need to figure out what this was. The image I got was hardly young god, nor was it phsicaly attractive nor did the imaging flame work. Though I’m exited that it worked in other ways and I felt good to be in his presence, I am shaken by the message.


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