Rainbow spotted cd

I’m writing this until the water for dumplings is ready.

Read an entry of a dad, who talked about “Donut for Dad” event they had in school. Really cheered me up.

One of the post marks on my Chest (perhaps it needs a good name too, like Luain) looks like Lenin. Go figure…

I tried to paint mandala today. Problem was – no compass (why do they call it that?). So I had got new paints (basic blue, yellow, red, green combination), paper and brush, but what I ended up not getting today was the compass. No worries, I’ll find another free day to do it. In a year perhaps. Painted a sokiloom instead and I’m quite pleased.

I think it all started today with my room’s heater. It has been blasting of heat the entire time and I figured I had it on 5, because it was so hot. But mom managed to get behind the shelf (I can’t get there myself) and said it was on 1 and after she’s turned it off, it hasn’t cooled at all. This only means one thing and until then I’ll just keep opening the window in the coldest night since spring.

In order to get to the thermostat, mom first had to get my paintings out of her way. That gave me a good chance to repack them in plastic before returning them to their place. I had forgotten all about them. Now they are sitting there, against the wall and I actually feel quite well about them.


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