Day 28 – 35 and Crone Invocatio

Day 28- 32

Some of us wrote our own Crone goddess invocations. As I don’t have my notebook near, I’m posting it here for now.

Memm, kes kaitsed merd ja maid
Oled meist üks targemaid,
Jaga armu, õnne, tarkust
Püha tule õrna paitust
Õpeta kuis kaitsta end
teisi, võõraid, koduseid
Astu sisse, õnnista,
Astu sisse, rõõmusta
Astu sisse, õpeta.
Sel pühal tunnil kutsun sind
Targemaks et saaks mu hing.

Lady Old, who you protect the seas and lands
You are the wisest amongst us
Spread your love, luck and wisdom
Caress us with the holy light
Teach us how to protect ourselves,
others, strangers, those at home
Step inside with your blessing
Step inside, feel the joy.
Step inside, teach us.
On this holy hour I summon you
So my soul could learn to be wiser.

I don’t use “So mote it be”. Never felt the exact need for it when turning to god or goddess.

I was unable to do it this time, but I hope I can some time later.
Day 33:
Meditative Question: What is at the center of knowledge?
Answer at this moment: Peace with yourself and your surroundings and never being bored, because the vessel of knowledge is endless.
Day 34: Honoring Isis
I am taking this to 14th of May, the Isis day. I don’t know yet what will come, but I’d like to honor them on their celebration day.  In other words, I hope I’ve figured out exactly how I’ll be dealing with altar. Living at home unfortunately means I can’t use the dinner table as often as I could. So I’m surpassing this for now.
Day 35: Day of  silence and review:
As odd as it seems – I think I actually went through this! Wasn’t feeling very talkative and so didn’t talk much. Not as knowingly as I could have perhaps, but I think it worked :D.
Was it difficult to maintain silence?
If I don’t feel like talking, it isn’t that hard. But I will never be able to stay quiet for entire day. I would have to sew my mouth up for that. If I’m at work, it is impossible. Still, intriguing challenge – to keep mouth shut for entire day. Including writing to communicate.
When did I most want to verbally communicate?
When I’m interacting with anybody, who isn’t capable of talking themselves or we have usual problems of communicating.  I’m so used to use words, because sounds are universal – if I talk with the dog for example or with kids or foreigner. They recognize your tone of voice, similar words, feelings.
Did silence help me to notice what was going on in my own body, mind or spirit?
I think I feel more that I must take more seriously diabetes. That it is seriously affecting the way I live.
Did I have times when mental activity increase or decreased?
Yes and I must admit I didn’t like it that much. I guess I like being in control. Made me sleepy though.
Did I have times when physical activity increased or decreased in response to silence?
Yes. When the surroundings calmed down, so did my body. It immediately wanted to rest. In a way a good thing, but I’ve never realized I was that tired.
How might periodic observances of silence be beneficial to me?
It certainly brought out what I needed the most. If I took away the sound, it increased my hearing and vision. In animation, there is a picture in a book: “I’m not smart enough to do two things at the same time”. It was about sound overtaking our thinking abilities and I agree. But I think I should choose the days myself.

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