Terrifyingly exiting!

I so miss my books right now! I need some waterproof information right now and I can’t get my hands on it on internet!

To remember the author, who I recommend the most when dealing with tarot – Hajo Banzhaf.  I just keep searching him up all the time and so I’m making permanent link for myself here. It’s the first I actually bought, after reading lists of them in library and online. But so far it’s been one of the best.

I don’t feel like writing right now, probably because I’ve done it for hours for now and I just need break. Did get new idea though, last night at one while watching Cowboys and Aliens (I actually liked that movie, can you imagine?). It had nothing to do with the movie, but it started rolling out of one moment I saw there.

But nature doesn’t stand empty space, so instead I’m hunting gems instead! Found a wonderful place in Estonia that actually transfers them by mail. Being someone, who goes on the same road so many times that her footprint becomes visible in space, it is fantastic discovery. Yes, there were few before, who sold crystals, but I hold little trust in them and there is one shop I can’t wait to end up in internet, but probably never will.

I’m super exited, but as you know me – I love doing rushed decisions when it comes to purchasing something, so this time I took different approach. I transferred the amount I would probably spend on rocks to sis instead. Rocks I can get later too. After I’ve done proper research beforehand and found out more about the seller.

But if it proves to be true, then my dream of holding on a wooden plate my own personal collection of crystal divination set that I’ve put together myself is becoming true soon and I can’t wait to make it!

Few days ago I also remembered that as Yule/Christmas are coming near, it isn’t far when I get the rune set together too! This made me go around like hyper bunny yesterday despite the heavy rain outside. Should let mom know that I haven’t put the idea aside, so she remembers not to give the bones to the dogs. They will get their share. I am also started collecting empty white eggs to paint on Easter. Well, to try out few techinques before I start the actual painting, but seriously – I haven’t started that early before.

Ok, ugly truth is out!

I personally do not like men, who wear their entire world in jean pockets. There should be only one pump! Yes, darlings – we do look at that direction. And it’s hideous if your pump is put to shame by the Rocky Mountains surrounding it.

What else did I planed to mention?

Oh! Watched Doctor Strange last night. There wasn’t much else coming from other channels and as it did not run in much in Midsommer Murders, I thought, why not? The character is appealingly odd. I still have to figure out what exactly was there that made it stand out that much, but I’ll figure it out soon.

Also, I ordered the second punch of essential oils from Balscand. I just love that shop! A bottle of sage oil, myrrh, frankincense and white cedar, and also grape seed oil base. Myrrh and frankincense were ordered simply because you can’t get them anywhere in resin form and it’s irritating. And I’m still pretty um… unwilling to burn incenses indoors. I will try it tonight at some point though. It is beautiful pure sky and I can’t wait for it and I haven’t done my Crone calling yet. But inside the room – not a freaking chance. My own body is protesting against it. I am willing to put few drops of oil in the burner though and still have the scent, but be it as cleansing as it is, I get enough smoke at home. This by itself means that I’ll have lots of herbs for the winter for herbal remedies and salves and tinctures! I know exactly what I will do with pine and cedar resin! Hehee, nothing goes to waist. It just isn’t for me to burn them I guess.

I’m babysitting Johanna first time tonight! So weird, but I haven’t done it before. Few minute episodes, yes, but not really like babysitting for few hours.  I’m so terrified! Did a little miscalculation on when exactly I get off from here, so she’ll be staying here with me. And I’ll get to see a deck of very old tarot cards! I’m so exited!


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