Day 18, 19 and 20

Comment that made my day: “Clearly barking. And she sure doesn’t look ‘innocent’ in her year book photo. I feel sorry for the child (and I mean the baby, not Beiber!)”


I tried the summoning of Goddess yesterday. It was odd. I spent close to an hour (I think) half dazed. I tried to summon Hestia, but I don’t know if I had any success, because I saw someone, yes, but it was like smoky moss green halo. At some point a face appeared out of it on the right. She wasn’t saying anything that I would understand, but from some moment on she looked at the centre and I saw imprints appear. There was burdock blossoms, birch branch, juniper branch, bilberries and daisies. Daisies appeared somewhere in the middle, like hinting of them being everywhere.

 I know I’m suppose to find out their meaning now.


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