Day 15: Divine Polarities

Mother Earth Father Sky, by Susan Seddon-BouletI got quite a list here. But before I get to  it,  some thoughts I have going here.

I didn’t agree with each pair given in the list. Like doing and being.  I mean, both do and both are. Or life and death. God carries the seed, but goddess gives birth. And both are able to give gift of death.  Also warm and cool. I’m actually for the pair, but I’d replace warm with heat. Like in the pair Light and Dark, I’d put Shadow.

Estonian folklore talks of a particular couple Koit (dawn) and Hämarik (dusk) who only ever meet once a year on Jaaniõhtu or Midsummer’s Eve and exchange a quick kiss before going their separate ways. Koit is male, Hämarik female. Go figure… I like it that way very much.

But time for the  lists.

God: Male, sun, expanding, light, yang, external, conscious mind, thinking, solid, heat, linear, direct, life-death, daytime, positive, angels, speaking, dawn, fir, sky, fire, fast, sugar (makes things tasty and preserves), amaryllis, intention, drink, leafing plants, kingdom, foreign (as domestic and un-domestic), orange,  future, dry (think summer), noon, sweet and forest smells, forest, rain (because it starts the growth in soil), coffee

Goddess: Female, moon, contracting, shade, dark (shades), yin, internal, unconscious, dreaming, soft, cool, nonlinear, indirect, birth-death, nighttime, negative, round, listening, dusk, birch, earth, water, slow, salt (it makes things taste and preserves), jasmine and daisies, accidental, food, flowering plants, republic, domestic, apple, present and past, humid (think spring), midnight, bright and fresh smells, field, tea

Action words are something I’d give for both.


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