Sheep pen tragedy

I should apologize to all the actors and actresses I didn’t recognize from my dream. Never had it that way before – all the parts were filled by actors. I’m not putting the names here though. I don’t want them to be linked to this.

!!! M-rating all the way! Mature eyes only!

More like hilarious show of idiots on display, but better to be sure. 

When I first understood I was seeing something, it was in a rainy industrial concrete covered farm yard, accepting sheep. There was about 25, 30 max herd. There were 3 different facilities there. I was standing in front of the sheep pen, on my right, facing us from south, was the cattle barn and next to it was small building for different functions. I recall the whole place being grayish and rainy and watery. Not nice in other words. There were five of us. Me, our boss (female, in purple suit), one fat man (grey suit – some solicitor or overseer), our man (R. S in his typical black wooly coat) a woman dressed in caretaker suit and me.

I wasn’t in the yard when the dream began. I was just entering and my first thought was that the sheep have arrived. I looked on my left, where the small house was, and saw some animal I couldn’t recognize, dressed in the funniest stuff I had ever seen. Different s-toys wrapped around it, plus ugly mask and wire wrapped made-up horns.

I reached the truck just after it had put the sheep down and they had been lead through corridor into their room (the odd blue-green area). Then the odd animal was tossed in there as well, but it only pulled against the rest of the sheep and didn’t move more.

We stood there, me, the men and we watched with mourning faces how the sheep boo’ed us from their dark room.

“Well,” said R.S. after an odd pause, “that didn’t work.”

The idea was to get them breeding.

Suddenly R.S. picked up the wire-made s-toy (um… let’s call it banana) and stuffed it in his mouth.

We were definitely not mourning anymore. Horrified, more likely. “We have to get them in mood?” was the only shruggish explanation he gave and continued. He added to it the hip movement and I was convinced he had lost it. I knew we were desperate to get them mating, but that just hit the high note. Then they found some tube and the woman in caretaker costume joined in, he fell on the straw piles and she sucking the tube he was holding close to his groin…

Kill me – I’m dying in laughing as I write it, though in my dream it seemed rather decent idea. The boss and the other man were both nodding along, so I just stood there, until I had enough and walked to the door.

Next to the door is a boiler room (the red circle is boiler). There was a very skinny drunk man dressed like a cowboy, repairing it. He came out from there, puffing a smoke, which immediately raised my alarm – the entire building was filled with dry hay!

He was dismissed and he went. On the last second before getting out of the corridor door, his smoke had gone to an end. The entire smoke had turned into ash, which he now quickly grabbed before it could fall and tossed outside in the water bond.

But the damage had already been done. Tiny fracture fell before my feet and from that sparked little red light. Less than a second later the flames flared out and like the dream before – no burning marks, no smoke – only flames.  I tried to put it out while it was still small, but it didn’t help and when I turned my head the entire corridor was already on flames, including the people there.

I ran out, to the barn and saw two other workers there. A man and a woman, both working on the milking device. The man was sitting on a small pence, holding the hose and the woman, dressed in wetsuit, kneeing in the drinking vessel, was sucking something out of it.  I ran straight to them, said the fire had broken out in the pen and got myself a bucket and water. They both came with me and when we got there, the entire place was empty! I had been away mere seconds, but there were no hay, I heard no sheep and I saw no one else besides our bosses. The place was suddenly full of light, bright white tiles. The bosses were sitting on the two stools (the green circles). I walked right to look around the corner where the sheep had been. It was just as bare.

I couldn’t speak. I searched around and only saw their tired eyes. The man looked up and said the firm he was representing had given us a new chance. I saw a big printed list on his white shirt. I didn’t know what I was searching, but the moment I saw it, my eyes filled with tears. It read Werner – survivals 0. Suddenly our bosses’ eyes turned towards the sheep pen and I followed. He was there, leaping and shouldering doctor for support, but he was otherwise fine. Only his chest had been burnt and I heard him repeat “I’m fine, I’m fine.”

I dashed up and hugged him, the bucket flying over and the water wetting our feet.

Then I woke up.


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